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:: Trial of Ian-Day 3

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Cindy Donovinh here live from the Durem Courthouse.

Yesterday we finally saw some forensic evidence placing the defendant at the crime scene! It seemed quite damaging to Ian's case. In retaliation, the inside word is that Ian himself will take the stand to clear his name... but we'll just have to see about that now won't we?

Let's go to the courtroom, the trial is about to continue!


User Image Defensebot, please call your first witness of the day.

User Image The defense calls Gino Gambino to the witness stand.

User Image Please verbally state your designation and occupation for entry into the court record database.

User Image My name is Gino Gambino. I am the son of the most powerful man in all of Gaia, Johnny K. Gambino.

User Image Gino, is it true that Ian helped save you when you washed up on the beach several months ago?

User Image Well, I was unconscious during that time, but when I came to at Sasha's house, Ian was there. He helped Sasha get me better.

User Image Then Ian did, in fact, play a role in helping you get better?

User Image Yes, yes he did.

User Image Do you believe that Ian has any illwill or bad intentions towards you or your family?

User Image I don't see why he would. I have no beef with him nor his family. Why should he be any different towards me and mine?

User Image Has Ian ever threatened or harassed you?

User Image No.

User Image Has Ian ever so much as laid a finger on you?

User Image No. Never.

User Image Thank you, Gino. End sequence of questioning.


User Image ProsecutionBot, you may cross examine the witness.

User Image Mr. Gambino--

User Image Please, call me Gino.

User Image Pardon me, Gino. You say that Ian never laid a finger on you is that right?

User Image Yes sir. That is correct.

User Image I believe you. Of course he didn't touch you. Did you know that Ian wanted to leave you on the shore to die that day?

User Image I ... had no idea.

User Image Come now, Gino. When you were caught in the burning mansion, Ian left you there to die as well didn't he?

User Image But he had to save Sasha... In fact, I told him to--

User Image Please answer the question, Gino. Did he or did he not leave you to die in the burning mansion on the night in question.

User Image ...

User Image Please answer the question.

User Image He ... he did.

User Image Did you also know, Gino, that Ian has long resented your family and your father especially?

User Image But what does that have to do with me?

User Image It has everything to do with you Gino. Even now, don't you feel responsible for the actions of your father?

User Image I ...

User Image I don't think I need to remind you that you are under oath here.

User Image ... yes, I do feel responsible for my father's actions...

User Image Well, Ian feels the same way as you do! He blames YOU for the actions of your family. And it angered him when you stole Sasha away from him--

User Image OBJECTION! Speculation and badgering the witness--

User Image --adding one more betrayal to the list of offenses that the Gambino family has done to him!

User Image That will be enough counsel!!

User Image I ... really had no idea ... I would never hurt anyone.

User Image I'm done with this witness your honor.

User Image Indeed you are. Gino, you may step down.


User Image Defensebot, please call your next witness.

User Image The defense calls the defendant, Ian, to the witness stand.

User Image Please verbally state your designation and occupation for entry into the court record database.

User Image Ian. I own and run the Barton Boutique. Well, at least I used to run it before all of this happened.

User Image Is that your full designation?

User Image Yes, it is.

User Image How long have you been running the Barton Boutique?

User Image Well, including my time when it was in Gambino, since I was a little boy really. It is my family business and was handed down to me by my father before me.

User Image Would you say that the people of Barton have come to depend on you for all of their discount purchases?

User Image Of course. For the cheapest clothing and accessories, there no place cheaper than Barton Boutique. Many people all around Gaia depend on me for that. Everyone trusts me.


User Image The defendant will please refrain from making claims about his own character.

User Image I see no reason to delay this question any longer. Ian, did you commit arson at the Gambino mansion on the night of October, 30?

User Image I did NOT, sir. I would never do such a thing! I am not a violent person and I would never harm a living thing.

User Image Thank you, Ian. End sequence of questioning.


User Image ProsecutionBot, your witness.

User Image Ian, is it?

User Image Yes... *gulp*

User Image Is that your full name? That is, do you have a last name?

User Image Of course, it's--

User Image OBJECTION! Relevance?

User Image I'm sure many people would like to know.

User Image The law does not require last names to be announced. Everyone here knows who the defendant is here. And this is totally irrelevant to the case at hand.

User Image Withdrawn. Ian, how is it that you know the Gambino family?

User Image Well, who doesn't know the Gambino family? They are only the wealthiest and most influential family in all of Gaia!

User Image Do you know them personally?

User Image No, not really.

User Image But you have dealt with Johnny K. Gambino in the past?

User Image Well, sure, I helped pass out gifts at the Anniversary Ball a couple years back...

User Image Is that all?

User Image Well, sure it is.

User Image You run the Barton Boutique, formally known as the Gambino Boutique, did you not?

User Image ... yes.

User Image AHA! Earlier, both Ruby and Meredith testified that you had prior dealings with Johnny K. Gambino when your Gambino Boutique was taken from you! Why did you hide that fact, Ian?!

User Image NO! I didn't ... I mean ... well, I don't like to think about that.

User Image Why did you LIE, Ian?

User Image I didn't mean to ... it's just ... it was a hard time in my life. I had a lot of pressure on me ... to make the boutique succeed. My family entrusted it to me. The "boutique" has long since been a family trademark, a business passed down from generation to generation. Every owner of a "boutique" ran his business with a talking cat. It was tradition. And a good business gimmick as well... When Rufus became the last in his line of talking cats, I knew I would be the last of the "boutique" owners... there was a lot riding on me to succeed... I ...

User Image Well then, how did you feel when the shop's prime real estate was taken from you by the Gambino family?

User Image I ... well, at first I was upset... I didn't know how I felt really. I went through a bunch of phases... anger, denial, depression, etc...

User Image You were angered?

User Image Of course, I hated myself... I hated that I couldn't step up to the plate and succeed. My father had succeeded before me, and his father before him, and his father before him...

User Image Success was very important to you.

User Image Yes... it was. I didn't want to let everyone down.

User Image So, then, you would do ANYTHING to succeed?

User Image Yes... erm... no.... that's not what I--

User Image What did you do after you lost the Gambino Boutique?

User Image I, well, went away for a little while. Ended up in Barton Town. I worked really hard for the past few years to get the Boutique where it is today.

User Image But your sales have never amounted to much compared to what you were making on the Isle de Gambino?

User Image No, but I'm ok with that. I've learned that I don't want to be in charge of so much pressure and responsibility... I... I just want to be happy. I just want to be lo--

User Image Sasha.

User Image S-s-sasha...

User Image How do you feel about Sasha?

User Image Sasha?!

User Image Yes. Sasha. And let me remind you that you are under oath here.

User Image I ... *gulp* erm ... I ... I love her.

User Image But she doesn't love you, Ian.

User Image ...

User Image In fact, from all of the media coverage we've seen from New Year's, it's quite obvious her heart belongs to another man ... a GAMBINO, in fact!

User Image ...

User Image Tell me, Ian. How do you feel about that?

User Image ...

User Image Does it anger you to know that the woman you love was taken from you by the same blood that took your family business from you?

User Image I ...

User Image YES or NO, Ian? Does it anger you to know that all of your hopes and dreams were dashed away by the GAMBINO's?!

User Image ...yes. *sob*

User Image And you would do ANYTHING to get back what you lost, wouldn't you? WOULDN'T YOU?!

User Image ... I ... yes. *sob* *sob*

User Image No further questions your honor.

User Image You may step down, Ian. I believe that is the final witness of the trial. We will now take a recess while the prosecution and the defense are finalizing their closing statements. We will reconvene with the closing statements tomorrow at which time the jury will be able to decide the defendant's fate. Court is adjourned!


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Well, there you have it! Today is a close call, I have no idea who did better today. We'll just have to wait for the closing statements until we can get a better idea! And GAIA 9 Action News will be there with coverage. You can count on it! See you then! Cindy Donovinh, signing off!

:: Trial of Ian- Closing Arguments and VOTE

User Image The defense may begin its closing statement.

User Image Male and female humanoids of the jury. It is quite apparent that the prosecution has no case here.

All of the evidence that has been recorded into the court record database has been circumstantial. The prosecution has a tape of the defendant at the crime scene, but nowhere in that tape does it show the defendant actually doing anything wrong.

The prosecution has a bottle of pills that has the defendant's fingerprint on it. This only shows that the defendant was there. And we know why he was there. He was there simply to save the woman he loves FROM the fire.

The prosecution claims that the defendant is an evil, deceiving humanoid. But all that I observe of the defendant shows that he is merely a humanoid searching for *clang clang* ... love.

The defendant was simply "in the wrong place at the wrong time" to be accused for this crime. We all know that Ian is not responsible for this act. Let's not prolong his suffering any further. Hasn't he been through enough?

User Image The prosecution may begin its closing statement.

User Image Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury.

The defense would have you believe that the defendant, Ian, is a harmless individual. But we've shown you evidence that this is, in fact, not the case at all.

We had numerous witnesses, even witnesses called by the defense, admit that Ian was jealous of the Gambino family, especially with Gino Gambino.

We have witnesses testifying to Ian's violent nature. Ian ASSAULTED a man who was just doing his job.

We have irrefuteable evidence of Ian fleeing the scene of the crime and evidence that Ian was where he wasn't supposed to be that night.

We have evidence that Ian had forethought that something bad was going to happen at the mansion that night, a warning to the woman he loves.

Ian HIMSELF admitted that he would do ANYTHING for this "love." I call it jealousy. And we've seen it time and time again. Jealousy breeds acts of violence. The answer is clear. Do NOT let Ian get away with this heinous crime. You must convict Ian.

User Image Thank you. This case now lies in the hands of the jury, i.e. the Gaia members. The voting begins now and will end in 5 days. The fate of the defendant, Ian, is in your hands now.