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Sabin Duvert's Travelling Journal
Recently revised and updated - my journal is now the area where I can collect my thoughts and entertain my compulsive listmaking. Check here to see my current projects and things I'm waiting on, some of my pets, and a general smattering of my "Gaia
Table of Contents
Welcome to my new and (In my opinion) improved journal.

Here I will be keeping a record of my Gaia things, from the shops I help run/work at, highlighting some of my breedables, art commissions, etc.


  • Post 1: Table of Contents - This post
  • Post 2: About Me - Basic info, Affiliated shops, websites
  • Post 3: To Do - Things I need to do on and off Gaia
  • Post 4: Art Wish List - Artists, on and off Gaia, I want art from
  • Post 5: Incoming Artwork - Commissioned art I am waiting on
  • Post 6: RP Pets - My RP 'Pets' and links to their journals
  • Post 7: Pet Spotlight & gifts - Other pets I am fond of and/or am monitering growth - Currently also houses my Birthday Gifts (June 12, 2010) ^^
  • Post 8: Random: Wishlist - Currently an xmas Wishlist
  • Post 9: Art count - Semi-updated list of how much art I have

Thanks to Sirenz for the idea and general layout concept of the journal

About Me
Who Am I?
In real life

Aliases: Sabin Duvert, Ambrose Maurlias, Arania
Birthday: June 12, 1981
Location: Texas
Interests: Artwork (creating and receiving), wolves & werewolves, role playing, going to the movies, Kamiki
Current Claims to Fame: Colorist at Soquili, Colorist for the Fuzzy Slipper Shop, OMGWTF Art Whore, FIRST Fa'e owner, SO of Kamiki
Past endeavors: Artist and Co-owner of the Island of Dr. Moreau, Artist for the Kymaera center, colorists at Sentinels of the Four Winds, Artist for the GMFC, owner (lineartist/colorist/organizer/etc) of the Chrysanthemum & the Sword, Has run over 7 Art Contests (Starting to lose track) with HUGE prizes and awesome turn outs, colorist for the Pards (at Zahra's Terra Pard Sanctuary),colorist for the Soquili, guest colorist/artist at other places like Naughty Tentacles, etc

Also see my Gaia Page For more

Who is Sabin Duvert?
Visit my My Online Profile


My Webpage
My Deviant Art
My Portfolio Website

Shops I am currently affiliated with

Art Request Thread

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Always open ^_~ - just sometimes better funded than others. PM'ng me is the best way to get a hold of me for art offers, though

To Do
Sabin's To-Do List

Gaia Shops

Currently not staff on a shop - working on RL commissions.

Keeping notes elsewhere - I don't edit my Gaia journal enough XD

Art Trades
nothing at the moment on my end

Art Contests
Eventually, another one for me.

Art Wishlist
What I am looking for
Art of my primary ORIGINAL CHARACTERS:
SABIN DUVERT - Sabin is a half Anju (shadow monster), white haired gentleman with a complicated past, yet who retains a strong curious streak.

ETHAN CUSKLEY - My newest character who has grown on me like mold. Created about two years ago, but revived more recently into a new game after the first one died. Seafaring, Pirates-esque setting. Optimistic, cute, impressionable half-demon (though he doesn't know it yet).

AMBROSE MAURLIAS - An elegant blonde, control-freak musketeer turned werewolf - and whom was very uncomfortable with the transition initially, along with his displacement from a normal 17th century France setting to Ravenloft, a gothic horror setting.

MODERN AMBROSE - two different versions of a modern-setting version Ambrose - including the Island of Dr. Moreau (the 'breedable' RP) version.

Incoming Artwork
Artists whom I am currently Commissioning/Waiting On art from smile

Note - this is mainly a note to self and a means other than a random piece of notebook paper that I have to keep track of all the art commissions I'm waiting on/what I paid in advance for/etc so I can remember and keep tabs. This also partially shows why I like people with fast turn-arounds ^_~

Real Money
These arrangements were not necessarily made through Gaia. Most, in fact, were not - but this is a good place for me to keep track of things. Paid full in advance unless otherwise noted

list kept off site

Gaia Commissions

Ogre - heart to Kamiki for making arrangements sad
Garbi - Ambrose & Angelina couple + Fullbody Ethan

Pending Trades



Wishfuls - keeping track of in Wishful journal
Soquili - keeping track of in a separate list

sad = Artist might be MIA -.-
* = I know what this means ^~ (a note to self)
** = I also know what this means

RP Breedables
My Breedables
Breedables that I am at least a fairly active customer at


I am most active in the Soquili Thread:

User Image

My Soquili Teepee
This houses all of my owned and co-owned soquili

Wishful Thinking

I also have begun a Wishful collection:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

My Wishes
This thread houses all of my owned and co-owned wishes

Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko are an adorably-done cat shop based on the Japanese Maneki Neko:
User Image

Sabin's Sanctuary
This is my Maneki Neko collection

Everything Else

Everything I own is in my Sabinpets Photobucket

Pet Spotlight
Pet Spotlight
Favorite pets of the moment and/or ones I am watching growth

For all my pets
My General Breedables page -& OUTDATED (but with links to threads)
My massive Pard Collection
My Verlashi collection
Non-pet random items

Holiday Spotlight

Moontide Mist
User Image Looks like someone is thinking of you and has bought you a present! Please hold onto this link and around Christmas, it will pop to reveal a wonderful pony made just for you! heart

User Image

If you'd like to order grams for your friends, you can do so here!
Main Thread - Ponies of Chincoteague


    Of my Original Characters! - especially those in the 'top' section.

  • Other Gaia Stuff
    - Items on my wishlist on my profile
    - Pets cosplaying my Original Characters (see above) heart
    ~ In general, if cosplay as an OC unavailable, I like wolves, the colors Red & Black (initially because of teh Anju - see Sabin's profile.)

    Specific Breedables I collect
    ~ Soquili >>; (It's an addiction >>; )
    ~ Wishful Thinking! My specific quests/ideas are Here

Unofficial Art Count
Unofficial Art Count
As of Aug 26, 2007
For purposes of the Art Whore Guild

Tavis's Sabin art: 105
Anya's Sabin art: 6
RL Commission art: 56
Gift Art/Trades: 45
Gaia art: 267

First Art Contest: 42
From kamiki's first contest: 20
Sabin/Poisey contest: 60
Misc Unfinished: 84
Sabin Pets : 28

RL/Gaia Commissions: 122
Trades: 85
Ambrose TF Contest: 106
From Kamiki's 1st Contest: 4
Unfinished: 86
Ambrose Pets: 15
Modern Ambrose: 55

Non-contest art: 5

Non-contest art: 5

Non-contest art: 27

Non-contest art: 5

My chars From Joint contests I dont' want to differentiate
Sabin/Ambrose contest: 182
Mine and Kamiki's All Characters Joint contest: 354
Pure Gold Art Contest: 319

Not Posted Yet: 35


Sabin Duvert
Community Member
Sabin Duvert
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