Well my 5th expo! ^.^ And one of the greatest too! I mean... I got to meet VIC MIGNOGNA!! The VA of Edward Elric from FMA! THE VIC!! Oh this expo is probably the best I've ever been to ^w^. Though this is also the first expo that I've spent under £10 O_O Normally I spend AT LEAST £50! [I have to say in Oct 06 I spent £120 or something...]. But it was probably with so many events going on at the expo which prevented me from buying so much! xd Though I think that's a good thing seeing as I know have plenty of money to make more costumes! ^-^ I shall reveil my next cosplay at the end of this journal entry xP

My Riku costume was hard work... mainly because I kept it til the last minute and i finished off my jacket in the car!! xd though I am proud of how it turned out despite the fact that it was a last minute job though I planned it months ahead! I am just so lazy!! xd But my Misa costume was already ready seeing as I finished it for the Bristol Expo which was 2 weeks before the London xD.

Oh yeah another thing I'd like to say about the expo.. SNACKS = <3! I mean come on!! the TokyoToys stand has looooads of delicious snacks! ^w^ Especially pocky... but I had already restocked at the Bristol con so I brought lots of Doraemon and Chocobaby snacks instead X3

Oh and I'd just like to say thank you Fluffy for holding the cosplay chess ^.^ it was great! X3 and thank you forum members who I have met on the day for the socializing XDDD

Well... I haven't got much to babble on about anymore... sooo... I'll tell you about my next planned costumes...

For my 6th con [whichever that might be] I'll be cosplaying as:
A MOOGLE! [Mascot - FFX-2]
THE RED WHIRLWIND [Romeo x Juliet]

Thank you for reading my journal ^.^