Well, I live in Kansas now.

I really like it here, actually. It's so peaceful and quiet... and there's so much wildlife. I see a bunny like, every day. Hahahahaha. And squirrels galore.

Everyone is so nice here... people smile at you, wave, say hello. I always thought that cliche of southern hospitality was just a stereotype, but it's actually quite truthful.

I can't wait to start my next semester at my new university. I go to Emporia State now. Ohio State was so depressing to me, I didn't fit in at all, and it was just way too big. My new university is much smaller, and their teaching program (which is what IIm going to school for) is rated 4th in the nation! I'm so excited to start.

Well, I've gone through a pretty big weight loss since I last was on Gaia. I'm so happy because of it, I feel great about myself now. smile I can now fit into a size 6! I only want to lose a little more and then I'll finally be content with my body.

If I'm being honest with myself, though, I've been neglecting my relationship with God lately. But don't I always say that? I never feel like what I do is enough for Him. I really need to snap out of that... cuz it's not me holding on to Him, it's Him holding on to me. He's been so good and faithful even though I've been so foolish and careless.

Let's see... any more updates? Umm. Well, I really miss my friends and I'm such a horrible friend for not staying in contact as much as I should. I think they get me by now, though. Well, I really hope they do. It's nothing against anyone, it's just a part of my personality, always has been, to just drop off the face of the earth for a while. And it's really stupid, because I miss my friends the WHOLE time, but then I don't message them out of guilt. It's pretty dumb, and a big flaw of mine... urgh.

Oh, and I've become a pretty damn good cook recently. I made this shrimp fettucini alfredo the other day.... even my mother-in-law said it was better than Olive Garden's! biggrin I just love cooking, and baking, and all that good stuff. It's really become a huge hobby of mine. Tomorrow, I'm making blueberry turnovers. Yurmmm.

Oh, here's a smile from me to you!
Yes, I still have braces. Don't judge me. LOL.

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