How childish of you. Cannot believe you are a mother of 3 kids and married. Not to mention you are in the same age as I. So immature. We are at work. At least pretend to get along. Its not that hard. We don't have to be best friends and blah blah. We just need to work together and communicate. I honestly don't know what happened a few weeks ago but honestly I'm sick of your rude attitude and that unnecessary silent treatment and pretending I don't exist. Enough is enough. You are an ungrateful b***h and I feel sorry for your husband and kids if they do something wrong or being weird like me. You would ignore them too and pretend they don't exist. You disgust me. Im glad I don't really give a ******** because you have done this before. I already know we wouldn't be really friends but come on. This is ******** ridiculous. I'm not sorry just for being myself. So what I'm weird? And I admit I'm blunt and sometimes my words hurt people's feeling but I don't do it on purpose. I don't mean to hurt anyone's feeling. I prefer it if you come to me directly and tell me so I can apologize then we can move on from this crap. But since you ignore me and pretend I don't exist. I feel you won't be mature about it. I pity you rather than be pissed at you. You will be ended up alone. Im done. Good bye. We are strangers. Thanks for being you. Good luck with your life.