Love?... what is love?.... love, it might be something you hold dear too you, an item that someone you care about given too you or a love for a sport that you never miss but still... the human heart is so different for everyone around us.... love is something so different that once we feel this love... you just do not want to let it go... no matter what.

What is love?.... i can tell you that. Love is someone, love is a thing no matter how much you feel useless or alone, inside love is always there you just need to dig down and find that light in the darkness thats around you.

Love is also glass, it can be broken so easly when someone you trust, someone you love so dear that you gaven them your heart and place it into that person's hands..... knowing that person could oneday throw that heart on too that floor.

But.... when things seems dark... and finding that love you always wanted seems so far away...... ture love always finds you....even when its a monster of the would come...

love is always there.