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My life, stories, etc.

Uka Yukeno
Community Member
Tortured Til The End
I am Midnight.
I am a black quarter horse stallion.
I was strong, brave and smart.
I did make mistakes.
My owners didn't love me.
I was their tool for attention and prizes.
Then they beat me for my mistakes.
During a storm, the fence broke, and I ran away.
I was gone.


I am Claire.
I am a young girl.
I always tried to do what was right.
My parents think I'm a mistake.
I'm not perfect.
I'm not the way they wanted me to be.
When they left for a few hours, I ran away.
I was gone.


I hid in the woods, far far away from the cages I was kept in.
It was dark and cold.
But I was free.
I could do as I pleased without being tortured.


I hated dark, scary places, but If I was going to hide, that's where I would go.
I found a small woods hours away from home.
I made a small shelter with trees.
I was free, and happy.

Not too long after, the sun came up.
I was hungry.
I decided to go out and find food.
Instead, I found a wild horse.

He was dancing.
He was happy.
He was beautiful.
I approached him slowly, talking in a soft voice.
He saw me, and just watched me as if I were an alien.


I was celebrating my freedom.
Running, prancing, being free.
Then I saw her.
She seemed kind.
But she could hurt me like everyone else.
I didn't want to get hurt again.

I ran up to her and reared up, showing I was free.
I wouldn't let anyone hurt me again.
I would fight.


He ran to me and I fell backwards, watching him.
He was fearless, which made him even more beautiful.
He acted like he would hurt me.
It seemed everyone wanted to hurt me.
I was frightened yet amazed at the same time.
I said to him, "Do not be afraid."


She spoke to me in a soft tone.
She didn't strike back.
She couldn't hurt me.
She was too small and frail.
I lowered my head down to her.
She was scared.
I nuzzled her leg gently.
I didn't want to hurt her.


I relaxed and petted him.
I liked him.
I stood and gently hugged his neck.
It felt strange.
I've never hugged, or been hugged.
I liked it.


She hugged me.
I knew she wasn't a threat.
She was a lost being like me.
I could sense it.
I will be her friend.
I will protect her.


I walked into the woods again.
He followed me.
I smiled and talked to him.
He seemed to listen.
I liked having someone to talk to.


I followed her.
She talked to me.
I liked being spoken to, especially her soft voice.
I would stay with her.


The two ventured through the woods. It was private property.
Hunting property.
They had to get out quickly.
Claire stepped on a bear trap. It broke her bones in her ankle.
Claire cried as she tried to free herself.
She cut her foot off.
Midnight carried her on his back quickly, trying to get them out.
They found freedom.
They had made it out of the town.
Claire however had lost too much blood.
Her leg was getting infected.
She wasn't going to make it.
She died that night.
Midnight never left her side.
She was her only true friend.
He had nothing left.
He laid beside her, and starved to death, mourning his friend.
Their spirits haunted the town.
You could see them walking the streets at night.
Away from the pain.
To freedom.

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