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My Diary
Please don't snoop in my business.
The Finding
I find my way into an open meadow. I keep running as my father follows. Not far behind. I trip on a root and tumble down a slope. He quickly grabs me and tosses into a ditch. He begins to beat me, yelling, " You good get nothin spoiled brat!" He smiles cruelly. "You'll be happy to know that I killed your mother last night. I stabbed that sorry-excuse for a living being to death." I watched as my father laughed. I sobbed in horror of realizing he wasn't lying. He looked at me and took the bloody knife from his back pocket. He then kicked me in the head till I went unconscious.

I wake up with a horrible headache. I hear a voice. But it sounds muffled. I look up and everything's spinning. I lay my head back down on a pillow. Where am I? My vision begins to clear. I realize I'm not alone. Above me stares back the boy. Except this time his hair is changing. It transforms from Red to Black. His eyes stay ruby red. But they shimmer. I can't help but feel as if I'm being hipnotized. His skin is a deep green. Almost the color of moss. Suddenly a creeping memory bites back in my head. I begin to remember my fight with my father. What happened?! Where am I? How did he find me?! Who is this guy?! And did he save me?! He smiles as if reading my mind. "My name is DJ." He begins to blush. "I kinda followed you. I was afraid your dad was going to hurt you. He did. And he tried to kill you. After you were knocked out I attacked your dad. I hit him in the head with a rock and he was knocked out cold. I dragged him to the police station and left a note telling what happened. I went back and brought you back to my treehouse. I gave you some medication. I hope you don't mind." he began to rub a wet towl on my head. "I um uh! No.. It's fine. Can I ask? So um uh are you a m-monster like me?" I looked down. Embarrassed the fact that I felt shy around the boy who saved my life. He smiled smugly. "Hey! What's the smugness?" He looked at me in a new angle. "You've got Feirceness in your soul. You just don't realize it. And yes. I am a monster. I'm a shape-shifter. But how about you? And whats your name?" I must have looked surprised because he gave me another smug look. "My names Heather. And I'm a Fire Element." The wet towl he was rubbing on head made my headache lessen. "Hi Heather." He grinned in such a smartie-pants way I couldn't help but laugh. "Wait you still haven't explained why you grabbed me when we first met. Or why you've been following me." His smiled began to fade. "I-I'm not sure why I did that. And actually it hadn't been the first time I watched you. I was in a few classes with you. At school. I uh kinda watched you from afar... Anyway, after the midnight chasing I got alittle bit curious. So that's when I began to follow you. I'm really good at bending into the suroundings. I was there when I first saw your dad beat you at the park. I totally would have helped you but I was surprised. I'd never ever thought a dad would hurt his daughter like he did." His face became saddened. A sudden idea crept into my head. "DJ...do you have a family?" He looked at me and I could tell it must have been a touchy subject. But he simply sighed and started his story, "When I was born my skin was a natural color of green. The doctors and nurses were scared and wouldn't touch me. But my mother didn't care. She saw me for who I was. And she loved me even though I was a freak. As I grew I began to play with my abilities. When I was 3, my parents left to buy some food at the market. But 6 days went by. And I was still sitting at the window waiting for my parents to return like they promised. 3 more days passed and then one day a police men came. He convinced me to open the door. That's when I learned that my parents had been in a car accident. They had collided with a massive propane truck that had tipped over. They were killed on impact. And their bodies weren't found because they were burned in the explosion that the gas had caused. The policemen then handed me over to an Orfanage. I grew up there because no one wanted to adopt a green freak. I only had one friend there. And that was my best friend. His name was Skyler. He understood me. We were both monsters. He was finally adopted when his real family found him. I escaped after a year and moved. I came back here but never told anyone. The one thing that kept me going was a coin my parents gave me and music. Music gave me more freedom to express myself. And it fueled my dream to become a professional DJ. And thats my story." He smiled as a horrible weight was lifted off of him. We talked for hours. After I could stand he walked me home. I waved goodbye to my new friend. I felt sad leaving but I forced myself to go to bed. Besides, there was always tommorrow. <3

June Tomb
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June Tomb
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