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A warning for all you godly power whores that shoot beams of anti-matter, rip things in half with your mind, and otherwise abuse powers. Bishopp is designed to break you into tiny little pieces and chew you up. Especially if you're a psionic.
Bishopp Arumat

Bishopp Arumat
Gender: Bishopp is gender-fluid, capable of becoming a female, a male, or both. HOWEVER it is currently NEITHER. There is NO Genitalia down there.
Actual Age: Body is currently 24. Controlling consciousness age impossible to determine. When was the first sentient life of any realm created?
Species: The current body was a Drow, once. Before being absorbed and becoming what it is now, Bishopp was a human male. That man became a demon. That demon became this.
Sexual Orientation: Irrelevant. Bishopp might flirt for amusement, but has no desire for intercourse with any but it's mate. Since that mate has recently passed away, Bishopp has NO attractions to others.
Current Occupation: Freelance mercenary/Assassin. Personal guard to Auntyrr. Personal Guard to Zara. Something of a cook at The Black Halo Bar and Inn. (When the kitchen isn't destroyed that is. )

Role| Bishopp's role changes. It's own story has been forsaken, so that it may play it's part in others. It yearns for purpose.

Name and Aliases| Bishopp Michael Arumat. Bish. Bishi. That thing. It.

Birth Information| The story for what it is is long. If you want to know, please ask in RP or, if I know you well, via PM. As for Bishopp the man. He was born in a small town called Carvahall. Part of a fiefdom to the Lords and Ladys of Castle Ubel, a once prominent Kingdom under control by vampires. For a time his life was simple. The vampires of Ubel were, largely, very kind to their people. The relationship was symbiotic. However, the sons of a noble killed Bishopp's Mother, and brother. (Father being long dead from disease) when he was but 14. He killed both of these young vampires.

It was simpler than one might think. Nobody would assume a young boy would march up to a nightly procession of the nobles, stake one through the heart, and splash holy water in the other's face before staking him as well. He was of course instantly subdued afterwards. He was to be put to death, by turning. To become a ghoul. A servant. But fate had another plan. Given his young age and the circumstances, he was simply brought to the castle to work.

When the castle fell under siege, he proved himself through his own self-defense. He was made a member of Castle Ubel's Death Knights, an order that had until then consisted entirely of vampires. Again and again he proved himself. But it was not enough. His human body could not match the best of the vampires. His hatred for them brought him to study magics. He went too fast, and became corrupted. A demon. However, he maintained his personality. He rose to the top ranks of the Death Knights, and chose to be a Royal Guard for the castle's Princess when offered.

For two years he grew to know her, and they grew to be very close. His hatred for vampires subsided. However there was one day when a powerful being subdued him, and killed the princess. Even though none could have stopped this being, Bishopp blamed himself entirely. He broke down. He had been so withdrawn emotionally before meeting Angel, and for her to be gone... He obsessed with revenge... And he attracted a certain entity. Sultry whispers of power, of pulling Princess Angel's murderer apart filled his ears... The price was all he had. And he accepted.

He was no longer Bishopp then. But a nameless thing. This thing looked very much like him, and even spoke as he did. And indeed the being that had ended the Princess's life was tracked down and not only destroyed, but devoured. That was when Bishopp ceased looking like Bishopp. Ceased being a man, a demon. And became what it is now.... This thing, it had it's own goals. It's own sinister purpose.... And it may have very well been on a different path were it not for the Princess's reincarnation... Bishopp was still inside. But hearing her voice, it made him tear through. Though controlling what it is now is difficult, he is the dominant personality.


Many things have happened since then. Hundreds of thousands of pages. And those stories are for those who were there to experience them, or a certain few who might ask....

Appearance| Avatar. Otherwise... here's some art.

Clothing| See art or avatar.

Personality| Varies. Why don't you try talking to it yourself? Currently massively depressed to to wife's passing.

Likes and Dislikes| Find out on your own.

Hobbies/Habits| Fascinated with human video games, and foods. For more? Find out in RP.

Arsenal| The gauntlets on it's forearms would suggest a mechanism designed fore close-ranged combat. Similar material at it's boots would suggest the same. The hilts of knives can be seen along it's clothing often. It would be unwise to assume that this is it's only weaponry. Will add more as they are revealed in RP.

Special Abilities and/or Skills| Creature has been observed floating, flight is a possibility. Judging on past movements, one would assume a flexibility beyond most contortionists wildest dreams. Slips in it's clothing designed for serpents or other tendrils that have emerged from the being are also to be watched. Bishopp has been observed eating things from chicken, to a chair, to a stainless steel bolt, right down to a vial of acid. No negative effects or noted weight gain. Will add more as revealed in RP.

Flaws and/or Fears| Find out on your own.

General Education| Find out on your own.

Religious Beliefs| Pastafarian.

Family and Relationships| Two children. One son. One daughter. Wife recently deceased.

Origin and History| Another thing I'm not just sharing. Ask in RP.

Theme Music| Johnny Cash - Hurt

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