It’ll never be the end
As I hide from him
In the darkness
Why does he get this way?
What did I do this time?

You belong to me
There’s no where to run
So why don’t you come out
Either way you’re dead
Hidden or found

If only I can scream
But I can’t
He’ll find me for sure
My legs going num
As I stoop behind the boxes
Under the stairs
Please someone help me

Come out, come out
Where ever you are
I can hear you breathe
And soon I’ll find you
I’ll have you
You’ll belong only to me
All of you for me

I’m holding my breath now
In fear that he might find me
My leg my dear leg
Hold on
Helps on the way
Or is it just a thought
Help, help, please help

Was that an intake of air?
Are you holding your breath?
In order for me not to find you
If so…
This will be over soon
Once you let go of that air
I’ll find you
And I’ll have you

Someone help please
I’m dead
I’m really going to die
I’ll relieve myself
And just breathe
Slow soft breaths
Hopefully helps on the way
I can’t hide forever

You began to breathe again
How smart of you
You’re making it fun now
But as always
These games will end

This is a game?
I’m hiding for my life
And this is a game
What have I gotten myself into?
What have I married?
This game will not end
Not now
I don’t want to die
I can’t

I can sense your frustration
I can sense your fear
Why don’t you just come out?
And we will talk it over
Like a normal couple for once
What do you say?

Go to hell
I’ll never come out
We will never be a normal couple
So get use to it
Someone knock on the door