Um. So yeah. My journal disappeared for three days mad I started panicking because it looked as if it had been deleted and was neverevercomingback gonk But I got better during those three days. And Mr Journal came back. WOOHOO!

And I spent my birthday baby-sitting for my nieces. Hahaha. There's a pic on my Myspace if anyone could be bothered going there (sweetmotherof, but there's a link on my profile, you lazy bastids).

I slept in badly this morning and missed my first uni class for the year. gonk



GOD I AM ZHOU YU. crying I got pinned as Zhou Yu on a rating community on LJ. I mean, it was only one person...but the more I think about it it, the more it makes sense. Except I'm not as pretty as him. But who is.

I think I have several overdue library books. w00t.