Username: Anduril

Character name: Kayla

Age: 24 years old

Gender: Female

Personality: Years of suppressant and difficult training has left her incapable of emoting, so she is relatively new to most of her emotions. First impressions are that she is stoic and unfeeling, not too unlike an inorganic creature. She finds it difficult to empathize with other people, and has a hard time understanding emotional outbursts. Where she comes from, it simply didn't happen. Under proper stimuli though, she can react just like any other person, especially if she's caught off guard or drunk. Definitely when she's drunk; at that point, she is a totally different person, laughing and smiling and liable to tell anyone how much she loves them. She doesn't often imbibe, but she has on a few occasions when on assignments.

Because of her lack of emotions, she feels no prejudices or compulsions to spare weaker people. She was trained merely to engage and kill, and she doesn't hesitate. Young, old; black, white; male, female -- they're all just targets. There's no sense of honor or compassion. She does what she has to, because it's her job. She doesn't feel regret or guilt, and she doesn't think herself a monster for what she has done.

Her social skills are virtually non-existent. She is tactless, but honest, prone to saying whatever comes to her mind first. She's capable of lying, but doesn't see the point of it, and carelessly walks over sensitive people because she never learned to tip-toe around their ilk. She doesn't quite understand insults, and will often not react to most thrown at her. She won't tolerate digs to her fighting skills, and will make challenges to the most obstinate of people who feel the need to belittle her in that manner. While she's unaware of it, she has something of a temper, and when continuously pushed can react explosively. It doesn't happen very often, but it usually leaves Kayla confused.

Description: Standing at five-five and weighing 125 lbs, Kayla is more wiry in her strength. She is slim, with shoulder breadth a bit wider than her hips. Her waist is not much narrower than her hips, so there's some definition but by no means a lot. She has a waist by accident, more than anything. Her skin is pale, just touched with color from the sun, with freckles across her shoulders, back, and nose. She has easily defined musculature and a small bust. Limbs are long, giving the impression from a distance that she is taller than she really is.

She has light blonde hair, cut to chin-length and usually slicked back. Her eyes are sky blue, and tend to be the first place her emotions can be seen from. Eyebrows are left natural, and are only a few shades darker than her hair color. Her nose is narrow, a bump on the bridge evidence of a past break. Her cheekbones are defined, combined with her sturdy jaw line to give her an angular face. Lips are small, and look like they should smile a lot more than Kayla actually does.

She has pierced ears -- both have two silvery hoops in the lobes, and one in the upper cartilage, for a total of six. On her back, from shoulders down to waist, is a detailed tattoo in black of an Oriental-style dragon. Her attire of choice is a tight-fitting suit of leather, well-worn and black. It consists of a vest and pants, paired with gloves and boots with a thick rubber sole. Over this she wears the jacket that marks her as a member of the Monastery -- a dark grey, long-sleeved coat crafted of light woolen material, with a military look. It has a high collar, and two lines of buttons parallel down the front. Its sleeves are wide enough to accommodate forearm holsters for her guns, a pair of modified Beretta 92FSes. Spare clips are stowed on the outside of her knee-height boots (two on each), and on her belt under the coat (a total of eight spare clips).

Character Class: Gunner

Abilities: Her lone supernatural ability is a limited precognition. She can, usually, see up to ten seconds in the future, which she utilizes in "predicting" her opponents' actions. This gives her the appearance of inhuman reflexes, and paired with her superior knowledge of firearms, makes her seem unable to hit. However, this precognition doesn't always work -- 80% at best -- so she must rely on her trained skills. She has above average strength, superior speed and naturally excellent reflexes. Owing, though, to steady, tireless training since she was a child. Kayla is just a normal human, just at peak physical condition. She is flexible and a capable gymnast; not Olympic-level, but better than your average gymnast. She is strong for a woman her size and weight, and can likely best anyone her size in hand-to-hand combat. However as she doesn't usually face opponents her size, she relies on an unarmed combat discipline like aikido, consisting of joint locks and keeping her opponent off-guard. She's not very apt with kicks or the like; most of her strength is upper-body, and she doesn't like to engage in unarmed combat.

Kayla's true skills lie in firearms. Her training in the Monastery has made her practically peerless when it comes to gun combat. She has studied hundreds of recorded gunfights, and the Monastery is known for its "gun kata"; its devotees are known throughout Gaia as impressive gunners. This training, coupled with her precog, makes her a deadly opponent. When she is using her personal firearms, she can take down a solo enemy easily, and even crowds are no real problem. As long as she has ammunition, she can keep her opponents from closing in, though even without bullets she can use her guns as punishing weapons. But that's against unarmed, or enemies with guns. Against magical beings, or individuals as highly trained as herself in their particular fields, she owes her success to luck just as much as the next person. If her opponent happens to be of the bullet-resistant variety, she's not afraid of running the hell away.

While trained in the use of other firearms, like rifles or shotguns, Kayla prefers her handguns, and her skills change noticeably when she's forced to use an unknown gun. She has been trained in the use of melee weapons, like the long sword and tonfa, she is only average in their use.

Alignment: Lawful neutral at best; some might consider her evil for her merciless killing of helpless women and children, but Kayla doesn't feel that way.

IC Reasons for joining the game: Orders from her Elders within the Monastery. She may not be concerned with Gaia's future, but they are.

History: Born to members of the Monastery of the Striking Dragon in the Western lands of Gaia, Kayla was taught from an early age in the arts the Monastery is noted for. Beginning with unarmed combat training, she progressed in that martial art well, being within the top ten students of the other children her age. At the age of 12, she began her gun kata training, using various types of firearms, studying the recorded gunfights, being drilled in becoming an emotionless, efficient fighter. One of the Monastery's beliefs was that emotion made for mistakes, and the absence of emotion kept its warriors free from making mistakes. The children that are chosen to become warriors of the Monastery are taught early to feel nothing. Fear, happiness, anger, sadness, all of these were forbidden, and those unable to remove themselves from the emotions were rejected from the warrior path and placed in training for some other field. Kayla, obviously, was quite able to detach herself, and continued on the warrior path.

Around the age of fifteen, her precognitive ability surfaced, and her training was realigned to make the best of this ability. It took her some time to properly master it, and her skills suffered duly; she fell from the top of the class to the middle while she struggled to harness her ability. Once mastered, though, Kayla rose back up through the ranks, impressing her instructors and peers alike.

At the age of twenty-two, Kayla went through the final trials of her warrior training, completing them with ease and earning her adulthood within the Monastery. It was then she received the dragon tattoo, the visible mark of her accomplishment, and was allowed to be assigned tasks from the Elders of the Monastery. Often, outside agencies contacted the Monastery for fighters, assassins, mercenaries or bodyguards. The prices were high, but those who bought the services of the Monastery were seldom disappointed. Kayla was often assigned body guard duties, and on two occasions had assassination assignments. She gained a reputation for being cold and concise, a presence people would rather have at their back than against them.

Recently, the Elders had gotten word of the troubles facing Gaia. Wishing to know more, they removed Kayla from her current assignment and sent her to Barton Town, to find out exactly what was going on, and to lend her services to those who may need them. Never one to question her directives, Kayla undertook the mission with her usual seriousness, and made her way to Barton, prepared for whatever evils she may encounter.

Theme song: Nine Inch Nails, The Wretched