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Gunmetal's life Stories
This is where I write stories full of action and suspense I will add most of the people on my friends list cuz...I'm just that cool
Day three: Enter Rystic
Spring had arrived to the lands of Gaia. I saw many flowers beging to grow and I thought to myself. "I need a damn house already...This is rediculous." I wandered around the land and made my way back to the train station. There I watched as the trains came and went. That afternoon one of the Firefox express trains pulled in. "Well I have'nt seen one of those in a while.." I stood up and streched and headed over to the platforms. There I saw someone in a blue shirt and a blue hoodie and dark sunglasses walk out. I saw the same thugs who attacked me and I yelled out,"Hey Buddy! Watch out!" He looked over and before he knew it he was swarmmed by the three thugs.They laughed as they closed in around him. The man in blue only smiled and said calmly,"You've made a terrible mistake boys..." The thugs lept into the air and came down on him. I ran over to help but before I got there, something caused a huge firey explosion. I blinked a few times in sheer amazment."Wow..." The thungs were on the floor motionless as the man in blue stood up without a scratch. "Teaches you don't it..." He picked up his things and walked towards me. I stared at him and wondered to myself. "Could it be....Nah..It can't be.." He walks over to me and stops. "Long time no see Gunmetal." He lowers his shades and I yell out. "Holy crap its Rystic! How the hell are ya!" He laughs and says, "Apperantly much better off than you." I look down and see my tatherd clothes."Shut up.." He smiled and said,"Listen I'm here beause I needed to leave home...that place sucked.." I look at him and said "why do you think Im here.." He looks at my clothes,"You need new clothes..Definately." I sigh. "Look I know I have a lack of style but that does'nt mean you can just pick on me as you get off the train.." Come on. We're going to Shop. We need to find you some new clothes."

Gunmetal Alchemist
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Gunmetal Alchemist
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    commentCommented on: Sat Mar 21, 2009 @ 06:38am
    blaugh very captavating and not 2 mention funny!

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