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*insert amazing and meaningful title that will impress you here*
yeah........description........it's a flippin' journal!..........must........not.......get.....angry.........x's and o's.........it's just a computer...........
another part to my STORY
Aiden sat in the seat farthest from the teacher, right next to the window. He enjoyed, on most days, to gaze out at the trees and shade-dappled ground as the teacher droned on and on about events that had happened a millennia before his birth was even being contemplated. Just the solidity and peacefulness of the nature of the present gave him a feeling of utter calm as he was told about wars and pillages, deaths and sacrifices that had happened in ancient times. It was the perfect time to just let go of all of his fears and strange thoughts, and just relax into the mundane normalcy of learning. Not that he had fears and strange thoughts that often; just, when he did, it was great to be able to just have a place where he could shut down and run on auto-pilot.
Giving a sigh, the dark haired boy returned his attention to the front of the room, and noticed that the teacher was indicating a guy standing next to her as she addressed the class. “Okay everyone,” she was saying, “I know you guys aren’t used to getting new classmates in the middle of the year, but please settle down and make sure he doesn’t feel uncomfortable.”
Aiden gave an internal grimace, didn’t she know that saying not to make someone uncomfortable would automatically do just that? Making a face at her naivety, he turned his attention to the new-kid to see how he handled the way the teacher was.
Aiden could have sworn he felt his heart stop. In front of him was almost an exact replica of the guy from his dream. Well, okay, he didn’t have the ethereal quality of his dream but he did have the most gorgeous blonde hair, which he wore in a choppy shag that reached just past his shoulders, and looked to be of the softest silk. And then there was his chest, hard and muscled, but in a lean, un-show-offy kind of way; but that was just connected to his perfect hips which were in turn attached to his long, powerful, perfectly-sculptured legs which were incased in------
Oh, gods.
He was wearing leather pants.
Aiden covered his mouth to keep from crying out and rose quickly from his seat, knocking his chair over in panic. “Is something wrong, Mr Nocte?” Ms Foley asked in a slightly agitated tone, her expression making it clear she didn’t appreciate his sudden outburst.
“Ummm……nurse! I’m not feeling well, and would like to go to the nurse!” He must have looked pretty bad, because the teacher just waved her hand and told him to take his things with him. Picking up his satchel, Aiden wasted no time in hurrying past the desks in front of him, and then pushing by the reason behind his panic, his every thought concentrated solely on getting out of the door without breaking down in hysterics.
As he elbowed past the blonde guy, he couldn’t help but look up, and was taken aback by the look of confusion and recognition that he glimpsed on said boy’s face before he made it out the door.
Once out in the hallway, Aiden turned to his left and ran, going in the opposite direction of the nurse’s office. When he reached the giant doors leading to outside the school building, he finally slowed and checked to make sure that nobody was around to see him leave. Satisfied, he pushed through the heavy doors, and took off across the lawn, to the woods on the other side.
About a hundred yards into the forested area, he stopped and leant against a giant oak tree. Breathing heavily, he dropped his bag to the ground and slid down next to it, leaning against the tree and putting his head between his legs.
He felt sick, all of the s**t that had happened to him since that morning just came rushing at him all at once, and he just couldn’t take it anymore. His breathing finally under control, Aiden picked up his satchel once again, and climbed to the branch that was third from the top. It was big and wide, and dipped down slightly where it met the tree’s time-worn trunk; the perfect sitting branch. Or, in this case, the perfect laying branch.
Feeling a sudden wave of weariness come on, he positioned his bag away from the trunk and lay his head on it, stretching his feet out as far as he could while still keeping his balance.
Closing his eyes, he was able to concentrate on the surrounding woodland noises. A squirrel scampered through the undergrowth, probably carrying a giant acorn or some other treasure. A bird sang out a lonesome song above his head, but then was answered by the call of another bird. A droplet of water, left over from the recent rains, fell onto the leaves under it with a gentle pitter-patter. Allowing himself to become lost in the soothing sounds of nature, Aiden fell asleep.

((okay, i understand that this wasn't that long, but please don't kill me *grimace*...............i think i want to put a little more between this and what i had last time, but i don't know...........what do you guys think?............oh well............this part just came to me first............i'll try to write more, though...........anyway, thanks guys.........sugoy! [you're great] heart heart heart heart heart ))

rabid uke
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