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*insert amazing and meaningful title that will impress you here*
yeah........description........it's a flippin' journal!..........must........not.......get.....angry.........x's and o's.........it's just a computer...........
i don't know why i'm posting right now.......i don't have anything to say, but have you ever had that feeling that you just /had/ to write something down?..........yeah..........i guess i'll put down part of the story i'm writing........

gabriel stepped through the archway fuming. "God, what a b*****d," he thought to himself, "I mean, where does he get off telling me what to do?!"

"Well, he /is/ God, babe." a voice suddenly cut in, interrupting his thoughts. "He's kind of your boss."

"Lucifer." he adressed the figure perched precariously on a rock overlooking the river. "Do you have to do that?!"

"Do what?" Lucifer replied with faux-innocence.

"you know very well what! reading my goddamned mind!"

"thou shalt not take the lord's name in vain...." was this mocking (and infuriating) reply.

"i'll do whatever the hell i want to, a*****e." Gabriel mumbled, examining his nails in dissinterest. "what th-"

suddenly Gabriel found himself on the ground, pinned under a lithe and suprisingly strong body. "i don't really give a damn if you take the Lord's name in vain, but if you wish to stay alive," he paused to lick the shell of Gabriel's ear, causing him to shiver, then continued to growl out his threat through bared fangs, "you will /never/ use my realm in the same sense again......and," he licked from the hollow of the angel's throat all the way up to his ear. "you will only defy me if it is what i have wished you to do. you know how much i /do/ love to punish you in those games we play." he then nipped at the lobe of the angel's ear.

Gabriel swallowed visibly, causing the handsome demon on top of him to smirk in self-satisfaction.

"Hmmmm......shall we play, Gabriel?" he whispered in his ear before sitting up, resting comfortably on Gabriel's stomach. the pinned angel closed his beautiful eyes and turned his head away, then cringed when he felt the long, cruel fingers of the one on top of him turn his head back. "Look at me, Gabriel......i know you want to play," he rocked his hips back into the angel's cotton clad crotch, smiling at the sharp intake of breath his movement caused. "I can tell."

"Lucifer....." Gabriel pleaded, and placed his hands on the leather-clad hips of the demon as if to push him off.

"What?" came the simple reply, accompanied by another rock of his hips.

"Ah!" Gabriel gasped, tightening his grip on Lucifer and bucking up.

"is something wrong, Gabriel?" the demon's questioning tone was light, but there was an underlying edge of barely controlled lust that did not go unnoticed by the pinned angel. instead of answering with words, he once again gripped the smooth leather encasing the mischiveous demon's sides, and bucked upwards. "Uh-uh...." Lucifer scolded, smirking and scooting further up onto the panting angel's chest, just out of reach of his searching thrusts.

"Please......" Gabriel begged, not stopping his vain attempts at physical contact.

"hmmm.....no....." the lustful demon answered in a song-song voice before getting off of the angel entirely.

"You a*****e." Gabriel growled out. it was just like the damned-one to do: get him all hot, bothered, and ready, and then /leave/ him right when he was gatting into it....."ouch!"

while Gabriel had been fuming in his head, Lucifer had somehow shackled his arms and legs to some sort of hooks in the ground, causing him to keep his position lying on the ground; and now he was standing over him holding a fletchette which he had just used to slice a fine line across his collar bone. "what the he-"

"uhn, uhn, uhn..." Lucifer shook his head, taking up residence on Gabriel's chest once again. "remember what i said last time?" he asked in a slightly menacing tone. "you." he trailed the fletchette across the angel's chest in a feather-light, yet still warning, pattern, "are." he pressed a little harder, causing Gabriel to try and flinch away. "not to." he paused at the waist of Gabriel's loose cotton pants, causing the terrified angel's breathing to stop. "dissobey me." and with that he slowly cut 'LUCIFER' into the flesh just above Gabriel's groin, slicing through the soft skin as easily as if it were gauze.

Gabriel cried out at the agonizong pain, but the close proximity of the balde and Lucifer's hand just caused him to grow harder. the seemingly collected demon, who was now seated almost directly on the angel's c**k, smirked knowingly at this new developement. "mmmm......have you learned your lesson, my pet?" he asked in a cocky tone, leaning down to lick at the blood that was flowing out of his name.

"yemphmasmpht...." came the mumbled and slightly breathless reply.

"i'm sorry, i didn't quite catch that, pet. what did you say?" Lucifer lifted his head just enough to study Gabriel's face, gauging his reactions. it was obvious that the sexy angel before him was fighting a losing battle to keep his wits, and beat back the lust that would ultimately cause him to lose all control. the fallen one just couldn't help but taunt him-- make him submit, obey. "come on, sexy," he said softly, deliberately making his breath caress the recently marred flesh, allowing a fang-baring smirk to grace his lips as he used the fletchette to trace a a light trail leading dangerously close to the hard shaft still trapped by the angel's pants, and enjoying the shivers that the movement caused to grace the slightly larger body under him. "have you learned your lessen?" he reached up and played with Gabriel's n****e, bringing it to a hardened bud.

"yes." the angel managed to growl out between gritted teeth. he sounded like he had an attitude, but Lucifer could tell that he was very close to giving into the pleasure.

"yes, /what/?" he prompted, cruelly twisting the dusky n****e he was playing with.

"y-y-yes......m-master!" Gabriel managed to gasp out, his voice twisted with pain and, somehow, pleasure.

"good boy." the pleased demon-king then lowered his head and brought the abused peak into his mouth, rolling it around and taking it between his teeth before continuing to lick a trail down the panting angel's taut stomach, pausing to delve his agile tongue in and out of his navel in semblance of another activity.

Gabriel was making little whimpering noises, no longer caring about appearing weak. all he could think about was that hot tongue and those cruel fingers continuing down to the more needy parts of his body. in heaven he never partook in activities such as this. if anything at all, it was just his own hand, a quick thought, and a short release of stress. this, this was different.......this had........passion.......it felt......./good/.

a cool breeze blew across Gabriel's hot shaft, causing him to shiver in pleasure, and realize his pants had suddenly gone. he didn't have much time to ponder that strange phnomena though, because he was suddenly distracted by a cool hand gripping the base of his c**k, hot breath carressing the silken head. "oooh..." a soft moan escaped his lips, and he looked down to see the demon now positioned between his slightly spread legs, looking up at him with darker-than-normal green eyes. s**t, he looked hot.

"please, Lucifer, pleae......" Gabriel gasped out, wishing that he had his hands free so that he could bury them in the demon's blonde mane and guide his mouth to his by-now-weeping c**k.

"mmmm......pleae what, my love?" the grinning former-angel asked, placing a kiss on the angel's c**k-head and running a long finger along the inside of one of Gabriel's milky thighs, enjoying the sexual frustration that clouded the blessed one's eyes before he ((a.n: he=gabriel right there)) turned his head. "come on, babe, if you don't tell me, how will i know?" the stubborn angel still didn't say anything, keeping his head turned to the side. "hmmm.....do you want me to stop? is that it?"

"no!" a look of panic flitted across the fair-skinned angel's face, and he quaicky turned his head to look at Lucifer, seemigly to gauge the demon-lord's seriousness.

"well, what is it, then?!" the said demon asked, carefully lacing his words with just the right amount of exasperation, and throwing his arms up to add to the effect.

"I WANT YOU TO SUCK MY c**k!" Gabriel cried out, the obvious desperation in his voice causing his eyes to widen, and for him to turn his head in disgust and shame at the blatant need obvious in his statement.

"well then, why didn't you just say so?" Lucifer chuckled, stroking up once with the hand he still had on the angel's afforementioned manhood, causing Gabriel to buck his hips and sigh in pleasure.

the mischiveous and lust-filled demon lowered his head once again, and stuck his tongue out to capture a drop of the writhing angel's precum. he smiled, enjoying the slightly salty taste of Gabriel's lust. it was intoxicating, as were the whimpers and moans that were slipping Gabriel's oblivious lips in a constant littany ((sp?)) of praise. Lucifer smirked ((a.n.: i know, i know......he does that a lot)) yet again and, careful of his abormally pointed eyeteeth, took the angel's throbbing length deep into his throat.

the hot, wet cavern that was Lucifer's mouth was pure heaven-- and Gabriel would know, he /was/ and angel, after all. looking down between his legs, he saw that said demon had taken him down all the way to the root, deep-throating him. how did he do that? didn't he have a ga reflex? come to think of it, did demons even have gag-reflexes? but Lucifer used to be an angel, and Gabriel knew for a fact that-

all thoughts of angels, demons, and gag-reflexes fled from Gabriel's mind as the demon on top of him swallowed, the muscles of his throat massaging and clenching around Gabriel's shaft as the fallen angel preceeded to twirl his tongue skillfully along the sides and sensitive underside of the c**k in his mouth.

"God! oh God, yes! mmmmm........so......ah!..........good!...........please........more!" Gabriel was moaning and writhing uncontrollably, until a sharp pain sliced through his lust-fogged mind, and he looked down to see a very pissed-off Lucifer once again holding the fletchette in his right hand.

"I. Am. Not. God!" Lucifer's beautiful green eyes took on a reptilian appearance as he cut another line into Gabriel's inner thigh, disturbingly close to his testicles.

said angel's eyes widened in horror at what he ((a.n.: Gabriel again)) had said/done. "s**t." he thought, looking down at the infuriated, blade-weilding demon still between his thighs. "i-"

"maybe i should make it to where you never forget just who i am, hmmm?" Lucifer said, his calm voice more upsetting to Gabriel than his yelling had been.


"shhh.....lovely...." Lucifer said, placing a gentle kiss to the quivering angel's full lips. "this will probably hurt...." and then his hand was flying, expertly carving his name into the soft flesh of Gabriel's inner thigh, turning him onto his side as far as he could given his shackled status, and marking his left buttocks;he continued, no longer writing his name-- just taking out his overwhelming emotions with seemingly random slices to the angel's vulnerable flesh.

Gabriel tried to stiffle his cries of pain by biting down on his tongue everytime the razor-sharp blade made contact with his skin. suddenly, he felt something wet hit his chest, and looked up to see Lucifer kneeling over him, hot tears falling from his wild eyes. the angelwas shocked, he had never known the demon-lord to cry.

"i'm not God." he said softly before leaning down to slowly cut his name directly over Gabriel's heart, his free-flowing tears mingling with the blood pouring from Gabriel's wounds, and pooling on the ground below them. "i'm not God..."

"i know."


Aiden sat up swiftly, threw his sheets off, and pulled down his cotton boxers, eyes wild and panicked. he ran his long fingers along the smooth skin of his inner thigh, and up along his sides, searching.

"oh, God....." he sighed in releif; no torn skin, no names carved into his pale skin. what was that dream? it had seemed so real: he had felt the burning pain with intense clarity each time that that wicked blade had torn into the flesh of that one dark-haired guy in his dream.

who was that guy, anyways? in retrospect he didn't really remember much from his 'adventure in dreamland'....all he could think of was the pain, the uncontrollable emotions, frustration, love, tenderness.......lust. "s**t." suddenly Aiden was painfully aware of the problem throbbing for attention between his thighs.

'i really don't need to deal with this now....' he thought to himself ((a.n.: like who else would he be thinking to?)), but his traitorous hand was slowly making its way along his sides, down towards his crotch. 'just don't think about it,' he told himself. 'don't think about the long blonde hair of that other guy tickling the inside of your thighs as he bends his head lower and lower, comming closer and closer to--' "oh!" his hand had found its destination, and he let out a gasp as his cool fingers caressed the velvety head of his by-now-weeping erection.

he knew he shouldn't be doing this right now, that dream was wrong on so many levels, but, for some reason, he couldn't seem to stop. "just give in....." a voice seemed to tell him from inside his head. so he did.

rabid uke
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    heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
    blaugh blaugh 4laugh YAY!!! YAOI!!!! 4laugh blaugh blaugh
    i hope to see more soon
    SO HURRY UP AND WRITE!!!!!!! scream ...............lol rofl rofl rofl
    btw i think i deserve propz for the 1st comment
    oh yea, score cool xd
    RABID-KUN is the BEST!!!!!!
    heart ya..... wink 4laugh 3nodding blaugh xd xp mrgreen rofl ninja

    comment Full of Memories · Community Member · Sat Jul 01, 2006 @ 04:23am
    props to cho_lighting-san! heart 3nodding

    comment rabid uke · Community Member · Sat Jul 01, 2006 @ 09:09pm
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crying
    This was the most greast yaoi I've ever read cuz a GUY wrote it!!!!!!!
    Please tell me where youget your inspiration from cuz you are maddddd!!!!! GOODDD!!!!!!
    I just wish there was more Fiction like this!!!!
    Power to the Yaoi!!!!!! blaugh 3nodding 3nodding whee 4laugh

    comment Ookami Tsunami · Community Member · Tue Jul 11, 2006 @ 12:05am
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