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I am officially done with the exchange because of this new rule, that really sucks.

"Posting in order to disrupt a sale. All sellers have the right to sell items at whatever price they so choose. Going into a thread to post the "correct" prices of an item is not permitted, this includes posting the store prices of items and claiming the seller is scamming, and posting as an attempt to persuade potential buyers not to buy.
Reporters: Please do not report users just because they mention vending prices. Often users will use prices in the vend to help their bartering, or as an explanation as to why they will not buy a users item. Only report users who are maliciously posting prices to DISRUPT the sale."

Disrupt a sale my a**, this is called legal scamming. Basically you can sell your items at whatever you want and you can TELL OTHER PEOPLE what items are worth even though you don't really know and are giving them FALSE FACTS. Yeah, that's what happened. :/

How can one report me for clearing the issue up for the girl that Gpins are not worth 30k? The thread owner asked what Gpins were worth, I told her. Then a few posts above someone that wanted to sell one said THEY WERE WORTH 30k, I told them that was bullshit. HOW IS HELPING SOMEONE AGAINST THE RULES WHEN THE ADMINS HAVE THE MARKET ******** UP SO THE PERSON ACTUALLY DOESN'T KNOW WHAT A GPIN IS WORTH AND HAS NO WAY OF LOOKING IT UP OTHER THEN ASKING? Yeah, this new rule is legal scamming and it's the worst rule I have seen yet. I say sell your items at what you want, but if someone comes in and wants to tell you what they think, LET THEM, It's not disturbing your sale unless you are trying to sell for over the value of the item.

The other girl said the were worth 30k, I said they were worth 14-18k, why is it we both aren't entitled to say what we think in a thread ASKING FOR OUR OPINION? That just doesn't make much sense. I felt like that was a bad place to put that rule into play, don't you?

I feel this rule was crudely thought out and should not have ever been added because it simply makes no sense. Now people can basically scam others that don't know prices because as people that do, we now legally can't say anything to the person about what said item is truly worth when selling it or buying it. Thank you admins for making scamming a legal pastime here on gaia. I don't see why all you people are against inflation, but then don't care about the stupidity of this rule, this rule permits true inflation because if no one knows what the item is worth and one person says higher AND no one that truly does know can speak, well eventually inflation is bound to happen in the same person can keep selling this said item. The biggest fault in this rule has to be users can no longer look up some of the item in the market place, thus they don't have a clue what the item is worth making it very unfair for people with false prices to come in and tell them. :/

The best part is the moderator warned me on the account named "admin" that is shared, so basically now I have no idea who warned me to argue it or bring it to their attention. That is a really bad way to warn someone and I find it really rude too. :/

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commentCommented on: Mon Jul 03, 2006 @ 04:09pm
I agree with you 100%

commentCommented on: Fri Aug 04, 2006 @ 04:59am

    i agree with you too.

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