Well guys, we made it all the way to december in quarantine. Life is indeed dull and boring, and this 200th post unfortunately won't be super interesting.

In terms of work, I completed the amp today (yeet), so I guess I will have to ask for more stuff tomorrow.

In terms of life, I keep browsing things to buy (like grocery wise), but I actually still have quite a lot of food at home to eat. I just need to be able to ~resist~ the urge to go get more food, though I can say that I'm awfully tempted to go buy two loaves of honey oatmeal bread. Speaking of food, I actually kinda wanna finish off the milk/oatmeal, but sadly my roommate is in a presentation of some sort so I don't wanna run the microwave. But yeah, I should have enough food to get through to saturday.

Oh but I got up early today to trek to the UPS store to send in my trade-in package. I was super tired but I actually didn't mind the walk, it was kind of nice. Maybe I'll awaken early to trek to the store for some orange juice in the morning?