The first iteration of the 4-World Universe series of stories began in the Mortal world with an Angel.

The 4-World Universe is, as stated, a universe with four worlds connecting on a single plane: The stairs to Heaven, the gates to Hell, the mirror to the Mortal World, and (something? portal??) to the Immortal World. This plane, while frequently accessed by the Immortal beings of the world, is hard to find by humans. It is a neutral grounds of all four worlds and transportation between them.

Human resources and parts are often highly valuable to the non-mortal inhabitant. Hence, many will often take refuge in the the mortal world in order to ... harvest resources.

The first story created follows Sally Chansa, a young Angel who attends school in the mortal world as she explores her powers and (other coming-of-age-stuff). The is rivaled by her twin sister, Sierra Saiten (Satan), a demon. Their parents are supposedly Melodi and (M...?), the rulers of Heaven and the Underworld respectively.

Sally lives in a forest with a nice treehouse, as many immortal members who are also attending human school do. Join by her is her group of friends, consisting of:

-Hana, (dark angel?), she has short orange-brown hair and plays violin. She's very loud but encourages Sally to do ... things? She's kind of the best-friend-slash-supporting-character type.
-Ryan [LOOOL], (shadow demon?), some really charming boi that all the girls ~swoon~ over. He's got nice blonde hair which he gels to look better, and blue eyes (so he's basically a stereotypically hot white dude). He's in theatre club or sings or something. [I remember scenes of him acting or whatever and a spotlight shining]. His clothes are basically all black, like the ~dark creature~ he is. Hana is totally in love with him.
-Rina, (werewolf?), Ryan's twin sister. She's a contrast to him; is and reclusive ( and has a bad attitude too), and she's part of the tech team for theatre or arts or something. She also wears a really dark outfit all the time. Blonde with ponytail.
-Shaun, human, Sally's love interest [wow matching first letter of names]. He's an artist?? He also has dark hair (asian boi). I think he's also shy.

Sierra also has her own army/friend group:

-Sadie, a (type of) fairy. She's also in a higher grade then the rest of them, but is much younger (she's like little sister age). She's a "genius", but actually uses her magic to cheat her way through the mortal world (humans are dumb). She is pretty smart though, and often schemes with Sierra. She has short (blonde?brown?) hair, adorned with a pink headband and a cutesy pink-red dress. She likes mushrooms for some reason.
-Marc: Vampire? Sierra's love interest, who likes to skateboard... kind of a scruffy dark haired white boy.
-EDIT: Liam, a dark angel. I don't know what his purpose is but he was an a*****e.
-Tiffany: human, really basic average popular cheerleader girl in the media, brown hair with pigtails

In the next installment of Project Revival, we will either further discuss Sally/Sierra's story, or we will move on to Katherine/Sophia/Tristan.