Hey sis
I'm doing fine and well, I've come a long way and am doing pretty okay in life, in my 3rd year at an art college rn(I'm studying for a sequential arts degree :3 also writing and planning a webcomic) and suffering and not sleeping enough(as usual xD)
Idk if you know but the only reason why I'm even still around gaia is because I hope i can talk to you again sometime, and seeing if you're still alive to send me anon pms xD(and checking out the airship saga comic on here even tho it's finally finished now)
So please, don't feel like you're bothering me with your pms or anything(shhh never tell me you're an inconvenience to me, nope), it's totally cool, it's a good reminder for me that you're still alive and well(i hope you are xD)
I know you probably have your own reasons for only sending me pms in anon, so i won't push it or anything but, it'd be nice to be able to chat with you again, just even once, because as it is idk if you'd know that I miss you just as much as you miss me, It's been 4 years almost i think xD
You held me up and helped me get through tough times thru just hanging out and chatting with me, you made a difference in my life for me, and i want you to know that I appreciate you loads <3
If you wanna keep things the way they are , I completely understand.
But y'know, if you ever decide to open up and let me talk to you again, well, i'll be right here waiting for ya (obviously not ALL the time but you get what i mean xD)(or if you got a twitter or insta which is easier to talk to on, you could just dm me there too if ya want, i left a link down below :3)
All is said and done. Guess i'll just wait for your next pm xD
Love ya all the way back, your brother and friend (:V) b

talk 2 me u fart

Here's my stuff that I've been drawin' for the past couple of years after I graduated highschool
(I posted a link instead cuz i kinda forgot how i posted image files on here anymore, been quite a while xD idk go check out my doodles or something i guess)