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Shadow's Gunpla Blog
Reviews and photos of my model kits.
HGUC Sazabi
Hello again and welcome to another gunpla review! I know its been awhile since my last entry, and I do apologize for the holdup, but I was having writers block and needed to take a break from reviewing and building my kits after Sazabi. Believe it or not, building him took a lot out of me. -wipes sweat off of forehead- It wasn't that he was a hard kit, after putting together a MG so soon after, he took more out of me than I thought. Its hard to believe that I've been doing these reviews since July of last year. 0.0 So I guess it was time for me to take a small break. But, I'm back and with a review of this big guy! So lets get started! smile

HGUC Sazabi is from the OVA Char's Counterattack. The OVA is supposed to take place 14 years after the events of the one year war in the original Mobile Suit Gundam. This is the last MS that Char pilots, and what a way to go out! This zeonic MS is massive! I mean, just by looking at him, you can tell that hes 3 times as big as any of Char's suits. wink I wonder if Char was doing that on purpose, I guess 3 times faster just wasn't enough, he also needed to have a ridiculously oversized MS. 0.0 The design definitely looks like a Zeon MS as soon as you see it. And yes, he even made sure it was red. wink I love the bulky shoulders, the head, and the legs on this guy. he looks menacing, something that you would not want to have to face, especially if you were a grunt suit.

To start, his articulation isn't the best. Its not to say that its bad, because he actually can pose and move his joints quite well for a big MS, but because of his size, he isn't the type that you can put in a lot of poses, but trust me, you won't need to. smile He moves fine even though hes not super posable. His shoulders and his leg skirts are bigger, but he surprisingly not top heavy. He can stand just fine, and I think that's from his feet also being as big. It lets him be planted firmly, without any wobbling. His backpack is very nice looking, because it comes with missile pods that you put in, and some extras that are open, so you can make him look like hes firing them while hes attacking, which looks awesome! -Thumbs up- He comes with his giant rifle, that he has no problem holding. It looks very nice, and you can just tuck it under his arm, and hes ready to go. His shield is massive! It was on its own runner when I was unboxing him, that should show you how large it was, but he doesn't have a problem holding it at al! 0.0 It comes with a connector that you can attach to his back arm, so he can hold it in place. I love the decals that they give you, I don't think he needs too many, but the ones they give you make him really stand out, especially the giant symbol for the shield and the musical symbol on his front skirt. He also comes with a beam tomahawk, which they give you a full beam effect part, and a partial one, so you can make him look like he has one side on, or both, which I found look really cool! And lastly, he comes with 2 beam sabers with 2 yellow clear blades. I thought the yellow blades were a nice touch to this kit, because it adds to this MS. Its rare to find a MS or Gundam that has different color beams other than green or red, so I'm glad that they gave him yellow colored beams. smile

This model kit has been on my wishlist for a number of years now. I was holding off until I had some experience with building before I decided to get him, and I'm glad that I waited, because he turned out amazing and really exceeded my expectations! He isn't a hard kit, if you have some experience, but if your new, then he will present a challenge for you. sad I'm so glad that finally have one and I would highly highly recommend you buy and try it, the OVA was fantastic, and the kit was just as good! Thank you so much for your patience, and below are the pics that I took of him, enjoy! smile

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