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Shadow's Gunpla Blog
Reviews and photos of my model kits.
MG 1/100 Heavyarms
Hello once again everyone and welcome to another gunpla review! It's been some time since my last MG, but I can finally bring to you the MG Heavyarms 1/100 from the series, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing! Let me start off by saying that this kit was such a pleasure to build! smile With all of the MG Gundam Wing kits, (except for the first MG Deathscythe -shudders-) I have been so happy with how they all have turned out so far. This was something that we as a community had wanted for years, and when they started announcing that we were getting MG's of the boyband, I think just like everyone else, I was excited! And just like the others, MG Heavyarms did not dissapoint. -thumbs up- Heavyarms has always been famous for being the tank of the 5 gundams. As you can see, this guy is one big walking armory! 0.0 Guns, Guns, and more Guns are what comes to mind when you see him, and you can literally feel as if you're staring down the barrel of a gun, or maybe 15. XD So without any further ado, let's dive in and see what we got!

For starters, as you can see, you will have to do some painting on this kit, not alot, but if you want to spiff him up a little bit, some painting can be done. I just painted the barrels of the gatling gun, and the knife black, since I'm still new to painting. XD It's optional if you want to paint that and the guns all over his body, which as you can see is a lot. 0.0 This guy as I said before is one big walking armory, and you can easily see why. wink The shoulders, chest, front skirts, side skirts, and sides of the legs all open up to reveal many many different gun barrels that are all ready to fire and unload on the enemy. And I have to say that all of them out looks really really awesome! -thumbs up- The color scheme is perfect, everything is molded in the correct color and he looks amazing! This MG says that its the EW version, but basically what that means is the design is more like the MS in the movie, but the colors are from the tv show, which I've never understood, but they do have a movie version that is the right color and has the right weapons, you can also get him if you want to. Speaking of weapons, this kit comes with a few of his own. For starters, he comes with his HUGE minigun! 0.0 he looks like he could take out an entire city block with it! As you can see in the picutres, I painted the barrels black to make it stand out alittle bit, but this is entirely optional for you. He comes with his shield, that you can place on the side of the gun, and I love that. He also comes with his little combat knife. Now this is one of my favorite weapons on him, because of the design of it, it looks like a military knife and not too many Gundams or MS have knifes for weapons. usually you get the whole beam saber or a gun, but with heavyarms, he just uses his wide variety of firepower, and when he finally does run out, he has his combat knife to get in and finish the job. wink One cool thing about this kit was that you can take off his arm, and he has a slot for a beam saber handle that he can use. This is used to create a scene from the anime where he is fighting Tallgeese, and he ends up having to use Wing Gundam's beam saber after he ran out of ammo. I always thought that it was such a great touch! Now, last but not least, my favorite part of this kit... (Not really XD) the hands. 0.0 They have the sterotypical interchangable hands, which isn't too bad, I'm just not a fan of them because I don't like having to keep changing hands for poses, I kinda got spoiled on the 2.0 hands. Those are the ones that all fingers are individualy articulated, but its not all that bad, they do suit him and they aren't too hard to put on.

-wipes sweat off- That was a long review. This guy is fantastic, and if you're a fan of Gundam Wing and you want to collect the entire crew, this guy is a must! I would highly recommend picking him up. Out of all of the ones that I've built so far, I love this guy the most. I know I know, I'm not betraying my beloved Tallgeese. wink In terms of articulation and in terms of appearance, I think heavyarms is one of the best so far from this series. smile I can't wait to get the other two and build them. Gundam Wing was the show that got a lot of people into gundam, so it was so great when we finally got MG's of the cast. I hope you enjoyed my review and below are the pictures I took of this guy, Enjoy! smile

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