Honestly, I want to thank Gaia for being one of the only online time capsules I have. I remember around 2006-2007 was the start of my online cruising. I remember getting in trouble for having a MySpace because all my friends had one and my Grandparents and Mom were unsure of the internet and believed it to be a bad bad place.

I remember back in 2007 my best friend at the time had introduced me to Gaiaonline and so I joined. If I remember right my first username was Inuyasha something or other, or Queen of Dragons or something a long the lines of that. I've changed it maybe 3 or 4 times since the beginning days. I've fallen out of Gaia and at one point stopped logging on for years.

Though if it weren't for Gaia I wouldn't have met one of the closest friends of my life. One of the longest friendships I have had, actually scratch THE longest friendship I have ever had. 11 Years 11 years of being friends, and now we're like family. I've made new friends some coming into my life later than others, others come and gone. I'm grateful for the ones I do have now, they're better than others, just as wonderful as most.

Gaia has been through leaps and bounds, good things and bad things, catastrophic net worth and economic batshit insane inflation. I mean there's so much that has happened in my life in the last 11 years and realizing I had just a couple little journals from 2007 back when I first ran a muck on the www. It brought back a lot of memories from that era that I almost forgot I had.

So thanks Gaia for that much, even though things are so much different, darker, grown up in most ways but still fun in others. Thanks for being that cement part of my life to go back to when I get a wild hair up my a** and remember it's still there.

I'll be back again sometime soon. Until next time Gaia. Maybe another couple years or so? Maybe a couple weeks or months who knows. Whenever a wild hare crawls up my bootyhole cool