RIP time to write this all over again.
Two week exam period is over. I shall return home today.
Out-of order highlights since im writing this for the second time, jeez:

-I survived! feel ok about most of the exams, i def won't be repeating any courses next term.
-Calc exam was easy!! Hoping I got 100% on calc tho i doubt it since i'm prone to dumb mistakes
-Fun times getting food at ridiculous hours w/ Mech 1
-Went to the library a lot (or even just a study room or 27) with ... Alan/Gale (LOL I CAN'T). They are pretty cool people, and pretty much the reason I didn't fail Lin Alg or CIV (but Lin Alg is also due to ESP member, ofc).
-Also TBT ESP cram w/ Percussion human
-Skating with the mechs was really fun! even though i totally crashed their squad i felt really great and they're all really nice humans. the photos are so cute XD
-Adventures of shoe shopping at eaton was ... interesting too. but I got to talk to the female mech human a lot!! (+Pad Thai!)
-Alan (LOL OMG) left at 5am two nights ago and so I stayed up to say goodbye.
-And last night I went to the harbour with Gale (LOOLL OMG). We ended up just wandering the city aimlessly since it wasn't too cold and neither of us had anything better to do. I also wore my yellow hoodie so we didn't look like twins.