9AM - ESP lecture, kinda just napped and played Choices since the new It Lives in the Woods chapter was released
10AM - ..... .. .. APS100, lots of into about mathematics in engineering, it was pretty good
11AM - actually went back to chestnut for like 20 minutes then like rushed back
12:15PM - mech club photos, waste of time, went back to chestnut and then ate 2 bowls of fries
1-4PM - crammed for esp
4-5: lab, then went to sf library to cram for esp
5-6: ate a crossant in bahen and then crammed for esp
6:15-7:30 - esp midterm ahhhhhh
Post midterm: walked home with NDN, ate food, and then just chilled in our rooms and played video games.
Then got bubble tea (wallet crying) with NDN, Civ 1, Nikki
im tired but i gotta pack for tomorrow or is that a problem for tomorrow??