Currency Conversions

I changed my currency from Platinum to Gold just because I'm more familiar with gold. What a mistake. I have HOW MUCH GOLD?!?!?!

I know gold inflation got bad but wow. Just. Wow. My poor olbie account has maybe 100k and that was after some work (back in 2010). I thought that was enough to wok with. Now I get a couple Platinum for posting and just existing. So Platinum is the new Gold. I get it.

Never changing the currency again. Too many zeros. On the plus side I feel like a person from the Victorian age that got transported into the 21st century (Time Machine much?) and now I feel so rich even though everyone is ‘rich’ now.

Not sure if this will end the inflation issue, then again I haven’t looked into it. I won’t look at the marketplace or many stores until I get over the currency conversion shock. Are there still a lot of gold miners? Would they be platinum miners now? If they got rid of those guys then they might actually have curbed inflation a bit.

Also, what the heck do people call the currency now? Plats? P? Pt? Then again it’s not like we call gold Au, so maybe that last one is a bit stupid to even mention.