time seems to slow as soon as light arrives
the sun's not out yet but give just a bit more time
i promise you there's some life in it's presence
if you linger on longer i'm sure it's expected

you miss a lot when your bedtime's after dawn
the sight bewilders as you step out on your lawn
a little more before the birds fly far from our view
a little something i've hoped for a while we'd do

you break away as you step into the home
a broken reflection of how we've felt alone
you sleep in your room and i retreat to mine
i'll knock 'i love you' even if you've misread the sign

i go to sleep and surround myself in the dark
the walls are littered with many a question mark
do we keep this charade of a parade afloat
or do we bail, swim to shore, away from a sinking boat

well it doesn't really matter either way to me
i'll always be here, waiting ever so patiently
i promise someday you'll come back to say goodnight
even if there might never come a time