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Name: Zeziel
Age: 25
Adaptations: Night vision and Heightened hearing
Specialist Adaptation: Oversight
Role: Leader
Side: NiNe
Starting Weapons: Swords in appearance and a pistol.
Bio: Zeziel was the son of a five star general in the US Army. As such Zeziel was taught the meanings of leaderships and trained in almost every kind of warfair out there. He became a brilliant strategist when he was only nine years old but became very bored of it very quickly. He would go out with his father into the field and help coordinate attack fronts and won most the battles. Soon his father retired and everything stopped. It was at that time when Zeziel joined the military himself at the age of fifteen and was placed in charge of a special unit that was meant for stealth. It was at this time that Zeziel became very good with guns and swords. He was on leave back in the US when World War 3 began and the nukes were dropped. He was several Miles away from the first drop zone and he managed to find someplace to hide before the blast reached him. He waited for several months after the explosions stopped before he started to move about and look for survivors. He was walking through what used to be Indianapolis when he decided to stop his search for survivers and survive himself. He decided that he should move towards the coast and that was when he found a bunker that was revealed due to a blast from a Nuke that had to have gone off in the beginning of the war. He decided to investigate it and found Ze'ke had found his way into the bunker before the nuke had landed. He explained what his plan was and found that he had his first follower.
Theme Music: Hero- Skillet
The Person behind my actions: zeek123abc