Journal Entry Day One Entry 001
The Time Of This Entry Is 3:47 PM EST Date March 19 Year 2017

Dear Brookie Bear if you are reading this, Nothing out of the usual has happened today, at least so far, it being only about four P.M. at the time of posting this. Thank you for waking me up this morning, it really helped me get an early jump on my day, though it was a few hours before I decided to cook up some breakfast. Today was French toast. I grow ever closer to reaching 100% completion in, The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild, something I wish to do without the use of a guide. Hylia help me. The liquor store is closed all day today, it being a Sunday and all, a New York law, so no gin & tonics today, maybe tomorrow. I do still have six Angry Orchard hard ciders to drink, I'll probably just drink those tonight. Nothing more to report, if anything interesting comes up expect a second entry today.

~ Your Loving Jesse Bear

End of Entry 001