made it back home yesterday after visiting family out west for a week.

the family had an early birthday party for grandma on the Saturday mom and I flew out there.
Sunday we went to church.
Monday my brother and I fell ill with the flu.
Tuesday was grandma's birthday so we got together to celebrate some more.
Wednesday my mom and uncle caught the flu too.
Thursday we spent in the hotel resting and recovering.
Friday we felt a bit better so mom, my aunt, and I went holiday shopping. I ended up breaking out in hives that evening, so I took some Benadryl and we packed up our things when we came back to the hotel.
Saturday we said our goodbyes and traveled back home on a direct flight. It wasn't too bad, only two hours of air time and the seats were comfy with plenty of leg room. Dad picked us up from the air port and we tried a different Italian restaurant for dinner. They were alright. Since it was drizzling and chilly we didn't stay out, instead we drove home and stood in for the rest of the night.

I did my laundry first thing, so I wouldn't let it pile up into the holiday season. I still have to put away my toiletries, which I'll get around to eventually.. but it's good to be back home.