When a guy has yellow sperm, he should not immediately despair and think about the worst. Such changes are not always provoked by pathological processes. Seed fluid exits the male body through the same channel as urine, so its shade may well vary. In the event that the color of the seminal fluid has acquired an uncharacteristic shade and does not change to normal, it is surely recommended to consult a professional. Diagnostic measures will make it possible to finally understand the cause of the problem.

Factors affecting semen color

Pearl white is considered normal for seminal fluid. Specific reflection occurs due to the sperm moving. The sperm itself is the result of the work of the autonomic nervous system, prostate, genital and urethral glands. Initially, ejaculate is formed in the testicles, and then, moving along the genitourinary ways, comes out.
Men can be affected by the color of biological material. Therefore, before panicking, you need to analyze what kind of food you preferred before the color of your seed changed.

Yellow shade of sperm can be attached due to such products:

- drinks with orange dye;
- carrot;
- oranges, tangerines;
- garlic;
- onion;
- alcohol.

Alcohol can not just affect the color of sperm, but also hugely affect the structure of spermatozoa. The qualitative characteristics of ejaculate under these circumstances are significantly reduced.

Smoking has the same negative effect. In most heavy smokers, the color of their sperm has a yellowish hue.

Another reason is the prolonged intake of certain medicaments or vitamins.
Long abstinence from sexual intercourse, according to some doctors, may surely lead to a change in the shade of seminal fluid. Such yellow semen occurs due to its stagnation in the genital tract.

Pathological causes of hue changes

Any inflammatory processes of the urogenital system may provoke the fact that the sperm becomes yellow. Even a small formed abscess in the place of production or on the way of sperm isolating may cause the leukocytes to enter the ejaculate (such a pathological condition is called pyospermia).

In fact the inflammatory process in the field of reproductive organs has other unpleasant symptoms:

- increased body temperature;
- change in viscosity of seminal fluid;
- appearance of an unpleasant odor;
- pain during intercourse;
- pain when urinating;
- admixture of blood in the urine or even semen;
- discomfort or some pain in the scrotal area;
- increase in the size of testicles.

If at least one of the above symptoms is present, you should immediately go to the hospital. This symptomatology clearly indicates the provocation of the pathological process. Without proper treatment, the disease will just worsen.

Diagnosis and treatment of the problem

When significant changes occur in the body that are not characteristic for a man, it is recommended to consult a professional. Meeting with a specialist, you should talk about the nature of your problem and not hide other symptoms (if any).

After the examination and general questioning of the patient, the professional will give a referral to the tests. With their help, it will be possible to confirm or deny all suspicions of pathology of your yellowish semen. Self-diagnosis, like self-medication, is unacceptable. Disregarding this rule, guys risk seriously damage their health and further intimate life.