not too long ago found out that my ldr bf was ghosting on me bc he's seeing someone else closer to him.

that's the second time in my life that that has happened to me. it's horrible.
the first time being much worse..

and last night, one of my guy friends lets me know that they're gonna try to be more serious with another girl.

I'll admit to feeling a little crushed, I thought he might come around, but I guess that was just my wishful hoping.

It kinda felt how I imagine the little mermaid in the original story felt like. After knowing the prince for so long, only to have him get with another chick.

except my version is much more sad bc I can speak, and he does know how I feel, well felt, about him.

guess I should take another break from trying to date for a little while.. I don't think my emotions can handle another rejection or stepping on emo