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Title: None yet
Name: Raphael
Age: 21
Race: Cybernetic Human
Profession: Contract Killer
Combat Specialization: Marksman/Martial-artist/Swordsman
Personality: Cool-headed, Ruthless, Calculated but also laid back, prideful and contains a weird sense of morality.
Bio: Raphael grew u in a life of white-collar crime which gave him his strong connections to many major crime syndicates and mafia organisations. He was also one of the most feared and respected contract killers, his reputation alone being enough to keep common law enforcement from even considering trying to take him down.
Weapons: Heavily modified 50. caliber sniper rifle, Sawn-off double barrel shotgun and a custom made katana
The sniper: Extended clip, Vision filter scope (night, infra red, thermal), Fingerprint scanner (sniper will backfire if anyone other than the owner attempts to use it), Custom made interior noise dampeners. Now with ammo filled with acid that releases upon the fracturing of the projectile.

The katana: DNA imprinted hilt (foreign DNA will trigger a 50k volt electrical surge after 2 seconds), Tungsten blade edged with finely sharpened diamond.

The Suit: A battle-suit capable of withstanding forces that would normally break his bones. The suit is also fitted with a cloaking device fitted under his armor that turns him invisible, however it's only 100% effective when moving slowly. The multi-purpose eye sockets in his helmet acts as a heads up display as well as containing a tactical scanner that shows him all the details inside any given structure which he can view and show through a projected interactive 3D holographic image. The helmet also contains a wireless communication system that uses heavily encrypted channels only accessible by himself and anyone he gives permission to use.

Implants & Injections: Injected with various serums that have completely rendered his pain receptors null and void. along with body and muscle implants to increase his strength, stamina and agility. Brain implants allow him to connect and hack into any electrical system as well as a language decryption system to allow him to communicate with any language he hears. His body is also swarming with nano-bots that can restore any organic matter once he is outside of combat.

Updates: Given himself up for experimentation to a covert corporation known only as THEM in a successful attempt to become a one man tactical ghost squad. His conditioning has left him thinking of his suit as a second layer of skin and refuses to leave it in the sight of others.