?p Amyloid beta-peptide (42-1) rate; (bpm, beats/minute); E/A, early (E) and late (A) peak velocities of transmitral flow; VCF, velocity of circumferential shortening.Full-size table
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Fig. 3.
(A) M-mode echocardiography at rest (left) in apoB mouse and during stress induced by dobutamine (right) at baseline i.e. before induction of MI. No difference was found between the sinoatrial (SA) node groups in LV function and morphology neither during resting nor stress conditions at baseline. (B) M-mode echocardiography at 2 weeks post-MI in wild-type (left) and apoB mouse (right). Note improved thickening of the posterior wall demonstrating the presence of better systolic function in the apoB group. No difference in the LV dimensions was found between the groups.