Music downloading is a process which is simple to learn, thankfully. Having said that, some information is essential, and being "in the know" about it can make for a better experience when downloading your favorite tunes. This piece explains what is necessary to obtain great songs fast and cheaply.

Check out iTunes for music downloads. Not only is it easy to find the music you want, it is easy to download and transfer the music to an iPod or iPhone. When you purchase music from iTunes, you usually get fair prices.

Find reviews before downloading music from an unfamiliar website. You need to find out whether the site is safe to use, or whether it could compromise your computer. If they are hard to find, you may be better off looking elsewhere to get your downloads.

You can reduce the expenses associated with getting new music by seeking out specials. Services such as iTunes will offer discounts at certain times that will let you get free songs or heavily discounted albums.

You can save quite a bit of money on downloaded music if you keep your eyes open for promotions. Often services such as iTunes offer excellent promotions that allow you to download music cheap or free.

Use a subscription service if you end up downloading a ton of songs. Look at Rdio or Spotify, where you can get montly access to literally millions of tracks for a low price. You download it for offline play just like purchased downloads. It could be the most cost effective method of expanding your collection.

Always remember to backup new downloads. Building a large song library can cost a lot of time and money. You don't want to lose all those files. Your software just won't cut it. Back up your music on an external storage drive.

Always check the music file's size before you open it. It's easy to download something that you didn't mean to. In the end, it could include a virus. Check the size of the file that you have downloaded. If something looks very big or very small, don't open it up.

Buy an entire album if you like a specific artist. Albums are often quite bit cheaper than buying the songs singly, no matter what retailer you are using. In this way, you will get more music value for your money. You might even discover a new favorite song.

For the speediest downloads, keep everyone else off of your Internet when getting your music. In fact, if you just shut down things that are connected to your Internet connection you should be able to get a great speed when downloading things.

When choosing a website to download music, choose one that lets you preview a track. That allows you to check the quality before you buy. Well-known websites will often guarantee high quality downloads, but lesser-known companies will often not. You'll avoid bad purchases if you preview first.

Now that you have read this article, you should have a better idea of how to proceed in getting your favorite tunes. Keep all that you've learned in mind, and show off your new knowledge among your friends. Whenever you need a refresher, just look back at this article.