Exchanging Log

Took a break for a bit.
Started a new quest!
Ending on 7/25/14.

This is where I will keep my exchanging progress. to be specific, I will have set goals of Gold that I will try to reach during a certain period of time, by buying low in The Exchange and selling high in The Marketplace.

Current Quest



Recent Buys' & Profits

Opened x25 Nirvana Gate II (4 Pack) for 6,25O,OOO,OOO.
Sold x25 (High-end winnings) for 16,25O,OOO,OOO. (-2% Tax)
Made a profit of 1O,OOO,OOO,OOO.

Gacha Genius (4)
Drekavac's Wings (0)
Cain's Wings (1)
Onyxback Lion Mask (1)
Azureback Lion Mask (1)
Lavender Marionette (0)
Monsieur Loyal's Revenge (1)
Cernunnos' Blessing (4)
Afternoon Lotus (2)

Yay, the Gachas' love me today!