Some of you that bother to read my rants and nonsense might wonder WHY I dress my avatar the way I do or WHAT does it mean when I put certain items together and when I make certain looks.

Allrighty-then, step right up, boys and girls, gents and ladies and we have toys for all the babies in the crowd!!! Todays character is a young teenage girl. She is the type of girl that is never home --she loves the club life --NIGHTCLUBS that is. Nothing wrong with that of course but our little sweetie dropped out of school because she got so FAR behind after partying at the local clubs 24-7!! Well, she's the kind of girl that loves to drink...but she doesn't know when to stop. She got pregnant accidentally --she claims her birth control failed and that she took it correctly. OH WELL HONEY, now you have a bambino to care for!! She is wearing the mask because she doesn't want everyone to know who she REALLY is. She is only 15 and she always believed in carrying a fake I.D. everywhere she goes.

She always wanted to be "just like the big kids" her entire life. Yep, she wanted to live fast and party hard but now she's stuck at home with Junior until she can find someone to watch him. Oh well, maybe she will find TRUE LOVE and then her sweetheart can help her raise her infant.

She has not learned much from her life experiences yet as she STILL has a cocktail shaker and drink in her hand --I guess motherhood is just TOO MUCH for this little lady!! She is wearing her hoochie mama club top and her cut-away pants that she used to wear at the club. She won't give up her high heels either --she says this pair "are not high ENOUGH" and that her sugar daddy is going to buy her some better ones soon. OH MY, some girls just wanna party even with the baby buggy in front of them!!

The guy beside is is not the Baby Daddy either. He is just a guy she met at one of he favorite clubs. He said he will babysit her little bundle of joy when he is able to. Trouble is, Her male friend in the avatar --let's call him Mick okay? Anyway, the only trouble is, Mick is not from here, he is French and only came here for college. He is almost done with college now so our young Mom will have to find a new babysitter soon. Mick will be going back to France in 2 months. Oh well, that's just how it goes sometimes.

I certainly home lil miss Party Hardy will be a good Mom though. At least she seems to be trying anyway!!