Why hello there random gaians who just so happens to read my blog lol

I've read almost all the types of fan fiction.To be frank,some of them are quite good.PRETTY good,to be honest.But,then there're the ones that I find trouble reading and understanding.Sometimes I just feel like throwing my phone out of the window because of how badly written some of these fan fics are.

There're 5 types of fan fiction.

1.The Too-Fast-Plotline Fan Fiction

These type of fan fics really get me on my nerves.I find it hard to keep up with the story.

On one chapter the main character is just doing his/her business and everything.Then the next chapter, he/she gets hit by a car and gets into a coma for a few months.Third chapter,the main character gets married to celeb and happily ever after. mad

Since three chapters are not enough,the 'writers' make the story longer by making the couple do useless things throughout the story.

I read this one fan fiction on Wattpad.So this celeb's little brother is the rebellious kind of teenager.On the 2nd chapter,little bro gets into an accident and gets paralyzed from the waist down.Somewhere on the 8th chapter,the little bro tries to commit suicide (I don't know what happened before that confused ).I couldn't take it anymore and just dropped that book like its hot.

Sometimes,when I read fan fictions I make sure I don't pick the ones that will turn my hair white rofl

AND I know that not everyone can be good writer.You can at least give me a heads up in the descriptions or something.