WELCOME BACK, to the chaos that is my sh*tty life!

Where to begin? Where? To? Begin? Let's start with living arrangements, and what led to them.
Well, I'm with my parents again
(yes, again. I was gone, now I'm back) Sue, Davids mom, contacted me some time after I left the last time, begging for my help, here's what she said. She had recently had neck surgery, and was still in one of those hard neck braces. She was arguing with Meghan about something, the situation escalated, and Meghan decides to beat the crap out of her. So, the cops got called, Meghan plays innocent like she always does, the baby gets taken to foster care (which David and Meghan found a way to blame Sue for, f*cking scumbags) They find another place to live, Ron, Sue's husband, is gone all the time on his trucking job, She's alone, facing an eviction. So she calls me, saying I'm the only one she can trust to help her. My dumb ass agrees to help, she said it was just going to be us, and in return for helping, i get housing and food.

Here's where the problem starts. Drew shows up. He had gotten kicked out while i was gone. Apparently, there was drama with steeling prescription drugs and trying to kill himself.

So, he and his very pregnant girlfriend show up, very apologetic, offering to help in return for a place to stay. Now, I'm very against this, but I don't say anything and Sue agrees, saying that they have to get food stamps to feed themselves because she was already feeding me. Then while I'm visiting Erica, they bring one of their friends over and sucker Sue into letting him live there too. Now there's five people in the house, three more than i agreed on. None of them are pulling their weight, and there's all kinds of arguing and I get blamed for it. Then one day, things end up happening that i won't put on here and I left that very day. So that's how I ended up back at home.

Now, relationship troubles... This is the hardest part. Erica dumped me a couple weeks ago. She got sick of me being a deadbeat. Our arguments over me being jobless, our valentines day was terrible because of it, everything is just awful because of my lack of a job. I can't say I'm surprised, it's been building up for a long time. If I wasn't such an idiot, I could have stopped it. I haven't had decent sleep since, it's terrible. I've drank more in the past two weeks than i have in the past year, that's still not much though. I can't bring myself to do anything with my spare time, when I would otherwise be watching TV or playing video games, I just sit and stare at nothing. Whats worse, is the continuous hostility that she throws at me. It almost feels like what happened with Jessica, but worse. I have to fix it though. First step, something easy, make up for valentines day. Second step, but i gotta start on this first, get a job, something local to my parents house, it's the only way at this point. Third step, address our issues, such as communication, giving her more attention, things like that... Actually, now that I write it down, it doesn't seem so difficult, I just have to hope that she's still open to fixing us...

On an unexpected note, I spoke to Corey yesterday. After all this time, he's open to letting bygones be bygones, I agreed. If I have deal with all this bad sh*t, I deserve to get my f*ckin friend back, damn it. There has to be a balance.

Last thing. I've finally solidly decided to go to college. If everything goes well, I'll be starting in summer semester in June.

I'm at the most rock bottom that i can remember, but the only way to go from here is up, right?

"I will take what is mine! WITH FIRE AND BLOOD, I will take it!"