God damn why do I have to go?
I started cutting because of this!!
There is nothing wrong with me
Get away from me, I don't need you!!

You care? You listened? Really?
No one cares what I have to say
But you did? Why?
I'm so worthless

I always thought therapy was bad for me
I thought opening up and feeling was horrible
So I laughed and laughed til I didn't feel anymore
I got scared, I was seriously going to take my own life

I told myself if I talked to a therapist today I will let them know
Thank God you stopped by
I was in the middle of my final words
And when I saw you I was going to cry

I felt like this was over
I could've went home to overdose
But you came by with some kind words
I'm trying to stay alive

I am hurting so much, but I haven't told anyone
I isolated from everyone, stopped talking, started planning
How was I going to do this?
Pills and a rope?

That's what went through my head for weeks
I didn't want to be a burden and tell someone
It's like that one day in 6th grade when I was going to actually do it
Then someone found out

I told you, because I didn't want to say goodbye to you
It really hurts inside and I don't know why
Can you help me?
I'm glad I told you, or I wouldn't be here