These Voices

It sucks that's all I can say
They follow you around like a ghost
At first I thought it was a ghost
Thought it was Opa talking to me

Found out nothing was really there
It was just my head playing tricks on me
Maybe it was the lack of sleep?
They didn't think so

The voices get stronger
It's scary, I just keep saying they're not real
Even though that's not how I feel
I have to listen to them argue

Shut up, do you know how many times I wanna scream?
Thanks to you guys
******** up my life even more
Putting those thoughts in my life

"Jump off the building, just jump they don't care about you"
"Take the knife, come on take it, you need to end it"
"Look at those pills, LOOK at them!!"
"Remember that rope? Find it, and hang yourself"

I tell them no
I know they can't hurt me
But it feels like they will
When I'm not expecting it

Everyone told me to get over it
How can I if they're always there?
Following me into my dreams
Everywhere I go, I'll hear them whisper