A dying man asked the tree of life for its fruit so that he may live.
Each day the tree of life would always respond, "I haven't bared any fruit in a long time, so I have no fruit to give."
Every day the dying man will ask only to be turned down and each time he was told he will say, "Ok then."
One day the tree of life asked the dying man why he keeps on asking for a fruit knowing that he had none.
The dying man simply replied, "If I was to stop asking I will never know if you have a fruit and then I will die."
"I still don't understand." Said the tree of life still confused.
"One day you will have fruit and I will never know when that day will be so I will keep on asking in till you do have a fruit to give. Then when the day does come I will be healthy and happy." Said the dying man.
Finally the day did come when the tree of life had a fruit to give and as soon as the tree of life gave the man the fruit it wilted away. Now the dying man was no longer dying but healthy. However he didn't know what to do anymore now that he was healthy so he sat there doing nothing, and in time he also wilted away.