Its day 18, and today I didn't you expenses for my avi, this time I explored for decorations of my aquarium. It turns out anything from that store is pretty expensive--too expensive for me right now. Not La Victoire expensive, but it is pricey for items I'm not prioritizing. Plus I can't figure out how to place items I've earned into my aquarium. They specifically are items for my aquarium , but when I go to my aquarium inventory there is nothing there. Maybe I have to be on here longer for those to be active. Hmmm. If I have the problem again I guess I'll just check the little trouble shooting area on here to get that solved.

Went to the car shop, looked at my rusty car again and finally bought some paint, I did want to save up and work from the inside out but that thing was depressing to look at. I remember when I had a older account when gaia still allowed your car to be "imaginary" until you bought one blaugh , and this is worse...just staring at a total car taking up space. Soon enough when I've done what I want with the car entirely it'll be time for the rally races, but for now I may just check all the other supped-up rides other Gaians have. OH! A funny thing I noticed today was the music in the Car shop, wasn't expecting it because my volume was down the last time I went but it was a bit funny, but still really catchy, I had was boppin my head.

I still have nothing really unique in my gaia house yet. But atleast I moved my items in. I didn't know I could place items in my house by going to inventory >>organize inventory. Which makes me think...why make so many announcements about the new feature items and games all the time but leave out the bug improvements and announce answers to questions that are frequently asked? Who knows... Well anyways, I'm just a noob trying to make moves, bye!

-Fresc aka DK