The new hair RIG has so many things that are good for cosplay. gonk heart heart
Already, I see Sakizaki Yuuya, Niwa Daisuke, Regal Bryant, Fukawa Touko, Prince Mytho, fem!Kazuaki Nanaki, and possibly another Cresento and Nicolae too. (Are three of those just the same hair? yes.) I'd tell you what I've been using for replacements for some of these, but it's upsetting from a classy avatar making standpoint (hint: Daikun has been the red yarn wig OTL)
Also an OC of mine that I love a lot goshDANG IT and ones that could work for her partner and protege too aaagh
I think this is also the highest-quality hair rig group, in terms of color and shape and design and shading and gosh so many are pretty and I want them I WANT THEMMM I WANT THEM

Also, the Warm Sweeping Princely Hair has a great glitch with the Sweetheart Schoolboy undercut where it looks like you're bleeding from the eye (fits best with the Striking Thief eyes), which I kind of need like burning too. That's rad.

+ I am afraid to open my Project Coutures. i will do it before midnight though OTL angry squealings I HAVE BEEN ON VIDEO OFFERS FOR DAYS STRAIGHT EXCEPT FOR TODAY WHEN I WAS OFFLINE ALL DAY IN ALBANY