Tea explains what exactly he means by "post a reference."

The only rule that I always put in my freebie threads is post a reference.
But for some reason there seems to be a lot of confusion about what a reference is.

A reference is a picture or text description.
It helps me know what you want me to draw.

If you have an avatar
, post a tektek. Tell me if there are items missing that aren't yet on tektek.

If you have an OC, provide a picture or a detailed text description.
I tend to do fullbodies, so tell me what they are wearing, if the picture doesn't show it.

Multiple requests in one post are perfectly fine. I will look through your avis/characters and pick one.
You can also link me to your request thread, character website, tumblr tag, etc.

Below, in the spoilers, is a more exhaustive list.
If you are still confused, hopefully this will help.


A tektek.

A drawing.

Any combination of the above.

You could also include:
A description of their body type.

Additional details that aren't shown in the reference(s).

A brief description of their personality.

A drawing of the OC you want.

A tektek that looks like your OC.

A detailed text description of what your OC looks like.

A link to a webpage or thread with a description/pictures of your OC.

Any combination of the above.

You could also include:
A description of their personality.

Pictures of clothing they might wear (if you have a text reference, this is useful!)

Blown-up picture of the avatar (non-tektek).

Forums-size picture of the avatar (non-tektek).

Either of the above with an item list.

"See my signature for the reference."

Brief text description of your oc, with no picture refs.
(I have gotten requests like: "He has brown hair, blue eyes, smiles a lot, very tall."
If you want me to work from a text reference, please include more details!)

A group drawing of the OC you want with somebody else.
(Please indicate which character is the correct OC.)

A bust or cropped drawing of your OC.
(I love doing fullbodies-- please tell me what their lower half looks like, as well!)


"My current avi?" (AKA: A request with no text or picture reference.)

A broken link or image.

A text description of your OC's personality.
(This can be helpful too, but I need to know what they look like!
Please also provide a description or picture as well.)