emotion_facepalm emotion_bigheart A Poem I wrote today in class:

So many things I wish I could say
But they are left unsaid day by day
I wish I could just talk to you
Cause these words have become past due
To tell you how I feel, to tell you what's on my mind
I find myself in quite a bind
I'm in some trouble I'm in a precarious situation
But honestly there is no variation
When will there be a retrieval of all this chaos
I'm silently screaming, I'm wide awake but I wish I was dreaming
These unspoken words are driving into my soul, they are digging into my thoughts
They are quietly killing me; an unseen homicide
It'll be your fault, you'd be the one to blame...
Come take these words from me, take them into your mind
Let them sit on you conscience
They wouldn't kill you so there's no problem
You probably don't understand me
I'm trying to leave this on you
You can take it, it won't weigh you down
If I could just sum them up
they'd be easier to take in
Me and you are closer then kin
Let's see how this sounds
What impact this will make on you
It might hit you as a surprise
It might even change your way of being
but then again it might now
Anyways its part of a plot; a master plan
Here it is, the sum of my problems...

I Love you

Do you know what that means?
I doubt it
Well there's more but I've given you the root, if you can, Im begging you please take it