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Ryo's Travels
My life & journey through MY eyes.
A little catch up on life.

*sigh* I kind of have a lot going on. sweatdrop

I know this week is pretty packed with small events as well as a to-do list for myself that seems to keep growing.

burning_eyes Business burning_eyes

As far as business/career matters, I'm still supposed to be meeting up with Blair sometime soon. I know he's leaving for NO tomorrow and when he initially suggested Tuesday to meet up…I knew it wasn't going to work. He totally forgot about me the first time, so I figured that in the midst of preparing for a trip…if he's anything like me (which he just might be) the day of a trip is the worst day to do anything but get ready….so I guess I'll stalk him when he gets back.

As far as The Mighty Writers goes…on their website, it said the accept interns on a rolling basis, so it sounds like I just need to rewrite my cover letter to sound more service oriented and I'll be fine. I was thinking about dropping by the South Philly location and just saying hi and looking around. I would kind of like to do that after I email the Program Director there my stuff….I just need to rewrite my cover letter to do so.

As far as interns go, they want someone for 8-10 hours a week. That's about all I can spare to be honest. I'd rather that 8-10 go to a paid venture but at least I'll be fulfilled for a while.

I was thinking today….when I was working at Edelmen and TRB, I felt…somewhat important working with such internationally renown companies, but the whole sitting at a desk for 8-hours got B-O-R-I-N-G. xp I appreciated the experience (and the money) but I'd much rather be more interactive. I got a little more of that from TRB, but I needed even more.

I was also thinking about how much I realllllllly should've taken that internship with CNTraveler, especially since I'm obsessed with traveling now. But honestly, as I've told myself before…who's to say I wouldn't have regretted not seeing what Us Weekly was all about, right? I think it was Us Weekly that told me that I really didn't want to be in entertainment because I truly don't care enough. Having to be at the parties, talk to people I don't care about, and report on them would've got beyond draining and that's not a world I wanted to consume myself with. So, part of me needed that type of experience.

Also, mom was telling me about this email she got. Apparent the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is looking to hire 3,000 people in the next year so she told me to apply. I went to the website and it looks like they're looking to hire Air Traffic Control Specialists (ATCS). After doing more research, it seems that if selected, you taking a 3-month training program in Oklahoma and then they place you where you're needed across the nation.

There are a lot of planes (commercial, business, military, carrier, etc) that use American air space on the daily so I can see the relevance for this position. It pays well, it's a government job, and the job security seems very high. I also recall reading an article about good paying careers that you don't need a degree for and ATCS was actually at the top of the list.

Everything I have gone through has led me to realize that tomorrow isn't promised and that I can be wiped from this world on any given day. Before I go, I really want to give Rob the life that he deserves and help him achieve his goals….a salary being an ATCS would definitely help that…and as long as I have him…I can go anywhere and with the Lord I can do anything. Shoot, what gay wants to live in a big metropolitan area with a husband anyway? #teamtoomuch. So hopefully I get contacted about that position.

I think that's about it business wise. I just need to get my cover letter rewritten and sent.

Side note: I was speaking to my sister yesterday and I love seeing the growth in her. She's going through a lot of the same things I was when I was in school. She's realizing that "teaching" in the traditional sense isn't for her, and she'd be happier doing something I'm kinda working on right now (with MW). I told her that education was a great basis for that so she's doing the right things. She just needs to ask questions, explore opportunities, and start working towards the direction she wants to go with her Education degree.

Oh! And I reallllllly need to file my taxes!

3nodding Social 3nodding

Now this week is looking pretty booked socially.

I have last minute plans today to go to Parc with Rats and Hazel for lunch. While downtown I do want to stop by Zara to see if those blazers are still on sale.

I may or may not go back home to DC for Tues/Wed. Blair and I are supposed to meet up on Tuesday but as I said…that's not looking probable. Derrick's going to DC on Wed to apply for a marriage license and I said I would go with him (or that I might already be there). To be honest, if I'm not meeting up with Blair…I don't feel like going to DC rofl Plus, Derrick said that Aaron was hosting a function for LAHH on Saturday that we might want to go to. I…………..don't particularly care to go (wayyyy) out of my way for this function so that's looking like a chop. Plus, I'll probably have to work.

Wednesday or Thursday, Rats wants to do lunch at Davios which I did promise her, so we can do that. Well, I'm scheduled at 12 on Thursday, so if we do it…it'll have to be Wednesday. Friday, Germaine wants to do lunch for her birthday…so we can definitely do that. And Thursday, since Brooke and I get off at the same time, we'll do a mini turn-up after we get off, then I'ma jet to Derrick's to watch Scandal at 10pm. Also, I need to find another day to work for Rats this week xp I'm already working tonight. If I don't meet up with Blair, tomorrow night looks like the best bet as well. I'm trying to line up everything and the only missing piece of Davio's with Rats. If I go to DC with Derrick, Wed is out of the question….Thurs I work lunch….Fri is Germz, so Tuesday is the only guaranteed day. Idk.

Hopefully next week sometime, I can set a date with Jers and Jemima for our last turn up day.

ALSO, I'm trying to plan a birthday situation with Rob. I was thinking an overnight spa package at Hershey Park. I figured we can get a room and he can do the spa yawn because having both of us do it would cost at least 1k….and dammit…that's a trip. I suggested DR since the Renaissance down there is running a $60 special till mid-April but he doesn't feel like doing that much planning…especially if the passport thing doesn't work out. I think he's over going international for the time being since our Canada fiasco.

I figured the overnight package includes hotel acomdations and it said $200 spa credit. So I guess if I wanted a full day-spa experience for him (5.5 hours), I'd have to cough up at least an extra $300 gonk xp I need to call there and see what's good.

Oh, and Tues…Rob and I are supposed to hang out. Womp. xp We'll probably do it before I go in tomorrow night.

Side note: I think I'll just have Derrick help me file on Thursday after Scandal.

So I don't know where all this money is coming from (^^^^^), but I guess it's coming. I have about a month for Rob's birthday so I'll call there….when I get out the shower? And…yeah, I guess I'll just do lunch at Parc with these birches today.

gonk Relationship gonk

Rob's depressed again. He kinda falls in and out of this mentality often…and I feel bad. Like…really bad. We had a text conversation and touched on a few different topics, but nothing was really resolved. He claims that he "gives me the sun, the wind, the moon, the stars, and the mountains." He gives me the world and all that I can reach for and even more….and when he told me that….that's when I knew that we CLEARLY aren't on the same page. I feel like I give what he gives. Love, support, understanding, and being present in this relationship…but while I feel happy with what he's giving me….he feels like I give him nothing…which isn't true. He doesn't see any of the things that I do for him and being unappreciative is the NUMBER ONE thing toe et a Virgo off. It was at that moment that I truly saw that his needs were far greater than mine.

He also implied that being with me puts him in an emotional distress that he has no control over. I'm not even sure what that means.

I love him, with all my heart…and his love is all I need. His love is is the win, the moon, and the stars, but when he's not okay he can't give me sh*t. Like Leo said, we have to make sure we, ourselves, are okay first to continue the ebb and flow of a loving relationship.

I appreciate him making sure I was okay (while I was making sure I was okay) when I needed it. Now that I'm pretty decent, I can focus on providing and working on us….but with him still being damaged there's no way he can give me anything…and there's no real way I can do for us the way we need to be handled with this flow interrupted. I really want to share this with him tomorrow.

But other than all that….I'm kinda chillin'. THe Lord's grace is upon us all.

Love heart


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