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Ryo's Travels
My life & journey through MY eyes.
Deep Creek Lake
I've been feeling rather exhausted lately.

I'll probably attribute that feeling to my most recent excursion. Deep Creek was fun, but I can tell you. Driving from PHL, to DC, to Deep Creek, back to DC, down to Waldorf, up to Clinton, back to Waldorf, then to PHL was….not fun. At the end of it all, I didn't even consider going to Happy Hour with them on Tuesday because I just did not feel like stopping in DC.

Come to think, I have been traveling a lot since the New Year. In January it was Puerto Rico. Harlem chillin' for Derrick's bday. Last minute Canada turn up (and it's subsequent turn down) with Rob. Then Deep Creek, all before March. It's been a fun first two months I must say.

Deep Creek was definitely fun. It was Omar & Leo, Marlon & Kavon, Me, Kenif, James, and Uncle Maybe from 2/14-17 for James' bday on the 15th. The house was located in Oakland, MD on top of a hill. It snowed everyday we were there which pretty much immobilized us but we found various ways of entertainment from Uno, to Speed, to movies, hide and go sink, liquor, Taboo/pictionary, my classic questions, and even the Newlyweds game….Best friends style!

I got to DC a little after four. It had already been arranged that I'd drive Kenif and James there. We got to Deep Creek probably a little after 8-ish. Omar, Unc, and Leo had already been at the house, but went back out to the Wal-Mart and picked up loads of food. Honestly, we did quite a bit of cooking while there. James and I decided to room together in the bunk bed set upstairs. I have an aversion to bunk beds since ditching my old one in 2004, but as long as I had the bottom bunk I was good. The first night was cute, just a lot drinks, carryin, and deep fried food galore stressed . The next day was a lot of snow, movies, attempted shoveling, naps, questions, hide n go seek, and other mess. I remember Saturday night I was rather restless and wanted to do something, but everyone was paying it gonk

Sunday…..we tried to escape the house since we were snowed in the day before. We left in the morning to go to Wal-Mart to pick up more food. When we left the store, it was snowing again as we headed to a nearby liquor store in vain. They told us that it was illegal to sell liquor on Sundays in the county xp upon getting back home, we incurred issues getting up the first small hill to get to our house. Then Marlon ended up backing it into a ditch, and the snow & ice made getting out of the ditch impossible without manual force and tactical positioning.

A truck full of four burly white men came out and helped us with the tactical positioning, but it was surprisingly Leo who pushed the front driver side tire out of the ditch. The whole ordeal lasted a good 30 minutes with us running up and down the hill to try different ways to assist the car in it's pursuit to the top. James and I took the Wal-Mart bags from the car (at the bottom of the hill) to our house on the top of another hill). Being out in the cold, and carrying those bags up left my left, ring finger in a state of numbness, but it's regaining more and more feeling each day. Marlon and Kavon parked the car (it was Kav's car that was stuck) in the driveway of an unoccupied house and after it was all over…..it was clear that none of us were going to attempt leaving the house again. We probably left the house at close to 11am, and didn't eat breakfast until close to 3:30pm. After that, Omar, Unc, Kavon, and Leo, made a team effort at making breakfast and we pretty much chilled out after that. Pizza and Spaghetti were for dinner, and Marlon made me an amazing drink with the Bacardi Oakheart that I bought in Puerto Rico and he told me that rum and other dark liquors were more adult drinks where vodka gives you an immature euphoria. I must admit, I was a little disappointed when Dad whipped out his bottle of Oakheart sad I thought I got it exclusive in PR.

Anyway, we left the morning. Marlon and Kavon left hours before us since Marlon had to work. We stopped at a Waffle House in Hagerstown and had breakfast (although I'm sure we can all agree that we should've went to Cracker Barrel across the street whee ) and headed to DC where we all split up. I decided to go to Eion's to catch up a bit, then to Dad's, then home.

Overall, Deep Creek was cute. It did give me a Noah's Arc-esque vibe like in the movie where everyone was kinda coupled up…but not really rofl Kenif was tryna bring Anfani (who got snowed in and couldn't make it) and Rob never came through. I was rather anxious about the trip (like I was about PR), but once I heard Anfani wasn't coming…I felt better. No shade to him, he seems very nice but I didn't want to spend four days with him without meeting him. And of course Omar let's Kenneth do whatever the fuk he wants….a topic in which we did discuss…Omar's enabling habits and I also tried to get to the bottom of Kenif's selfishness.

I tell you, that boy is beyond fortunate. Not just because he lives in an expensive neighborhood, has a good job, or is following his dreams…but because through all of his bullsh*t, he really has found a group of people to love him unconditionally. That's something that people will search a lifetime for yet never come across. He has absolutely no reason to be as selfish as he is or to feel like he shouldn't consider others. The ungratefulness is unyielding and unnerving. I really can't.

But that's neither here…nor there. I'm glad I went, I had a good time. Spent about $200 for the weekend, womp. I'm still broke. crying Rob's still not talking to me crying And I have a lot of things I'm kind of working on right now in order to try to be up out this birch by mid-year. A lot of things I think I'll try to outline in the next post. And I was also thinking….maybe with both of my jobs, I should try to move into a place by myself for the next six months…but only six months since I'm trying to get out of here and get back home.

Whew knows…TTFN. sweatdrop

Love & Blessings <3


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