I woke to the sounds of voices. I sat up and realized they were drifting in from the door, which was now open.
" so where to next Doctor?" I herd. hiding behind the controls, I peered out to see Amy Pond and the Doctor. This is just a dream, this can't actually be happening I think to myself. I peer out of my hiding place again to see Rory, dressed in a red long sleeve shirt, walk in.
" I don't know, shall we go to krypton?a planet renown for it people." the Doctor asks.Krypton, as in superman's planet?! but hasn't that been destroyed?, I think to myself. i hear their foot steps coming closer and am scared there going to see me but they stop and I see the Doctors arm ship and he walks around the Controls, pushing levers, and he walks right passed me
" okay, well I'm going to get some sleep before we get there." Amy says when she reaches the top she terns around to say something to the Doctor, who is currently standing in front of me, and says ," and don't you forget to wake me up when we get there Doctor."
" I wont Amy." he says to her and moves to the left, giving Amy a direct view to me.