You ask of me what I can never give.
Something pure, something to make me truly live.
But I am nothing, feel nothing.
And you will never understand.

Dont look at me with such pity.
Dont touch me with your false security.
Dont forget what I am and what Im capable of.
I will destroy you; and not even think twice.

I dont want you near me,
Keep away. Leave me here.
Ive dealt with this all on my own, I dont need your help now.
Im fine by myself, just leave me alone!

You say you get it, that youve been there,
But do you? Have you?Can anyone truly know the horrors that I know?
Im starting to sink, as youre floating above.

Reflections of a hollow life looking back at me.
Is this all Ive really done?
Tears well up and spill over,
As the void is ripped wide open.

Now I am exposed.
Please, Im begging you,
Just leave me to my suffering.
This is what I deserve.
To have you here, is humiliating my nerves.

Ive always dealt with this alone.
I can do this, I can do this.
Im not shaking,
Im not brakeing.
This is just how I really wanted to be.